Highly Preserve Zero Chemical Food For Human Daily Consumption


Murasaki Village Farming was established and has been envisioned to promote and rearing freshwater fishes in Malaysia. To provide fresh and organic fish to Malaysian and foreign buyers. Our farm is located on the outskirts of Semenyih, Selangor in a pristine forest far from urban pollution. We used the clean, high quality mountain river water for our fish production. The farm is located on a 3-acre farm with facilities such as hatchery for breeeding, food processing areas, live feed cultivation and worm breeding grounds. We are committed to maintaining health in providing high quality fish and healthy services to our customers. In addition, We also conduct pool water testing (PPM: Part-per-millions) from time to time to ensure that the water is not polluted and that the fish being protected are healthy and fresh. Our pool ppm results are 0 ppm which means our pool water is perfect for all freshwater fish.


Murasaki Village Farming Crowdfunding Motive:

- Expand and promote organic food direct from farm with competative non organic food pricing

- Expand existing customer organic sku at competative noon organic food pricing  

- Existing farm need to expand

- Build up low cost living standard to a better life

- Genuine Malaysian company set up with zero foreigner labour

- Create more farming export opportunities


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