Come Alive!



Come Alive! Mocktale brings party in each bottle!

Mocktale offers bottled succulent flavours in varieties, and had drilled into the market in Penang since late 2016. Rather then being sweet and gaseous, it is packed with healthy fruit juices that are well mixed/shaken, called mocktails. These Mocktails would then serve its unique taste and social purpose in party. The fun social beverage that eveyone cannot be Drunk!

The company started off as bootstrapping and now opening to possibilities of collaboration or funding  which enable further expansion and grow towards its potentials. However, Mocktale set sights towards long term goals and lasting business. These goals are to tap into just 1% of the global halal market ‘s worth in export and 5% of the global health market’s worth. It does not see the goal of being a trendy beverage which everyone one craved for a short period of time, but rather Mocktale is seeing a sustainable, branded, social driven beverage business in Long term (eg: coca-cola).

It had close to 10 restaurants taking Mocktale and selling in their outlets. There some private and public events which mocktale is requested to cater 100 to 600 persons within orders, and recently Mocktale is collaborating with 2 delivery companies which enables Mocktale to reach directly to customer. adding on, Mocktale’s current collaboration with Exbigo Sdn. Bhd in distribution and logistics, it has enable Mocktale to set sight in KL by year 2019. The project is now at its initial stage and require certain amount of funds for Mocktale’s ambitions plan to expand in Malaysia’s market and beyond.

The director is currently looking for mentorship and fund which can enable Mocktale to scale in nonalcoholic and halal Market, and probably look into involving multi-million exports in next 5 years ahead. He believed that the business will grow from millions if not billions in business values with proper guidance, support from responsible entities.

We hope to collaborate with anyone which could add values to both sides. Let us share our tales with you!

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