Don't wait for your dream home, create it.

COMPANY DETAILS is a platform for home renovation and improvement. Fully realised, it will service interior designers, property developers, home retail manufacturers, and property owners.

Solving a Problem was launched in April 2016 to solve longstanding problems in the interior
design industry. More specifically, the inefficient process of sourcing and hiring a
reliable and suitable interior designer (ID) for one’s property renovation.

Buying and renovating a property is a huge task and financial commitment. It’s hard to
know where to start, who to hire, how much to budget, and how to ensure that the
entire renovation goes according to plans. That’s why co-founders Shen Maosheng and
Seow Yao Han decided to build, an online portal that acts as a matchmaking
platform for interior design. helps property owners find IDs according to their property and renovation type,
location, budget, etc. On the other side of the spectrum, IDs receive design and
renovation leads. There is a security/assurance feature on both sides: all ID firms and
renovation requests are extensively verified for legitimacy and authenticity.

Main Features
For interior designers (IDs): The Lead Marketplace lets IDs view property renovation
leads which they can access via prepaid credits. Meanwhile, the Lead Management Tool
is a CRM feature that allows them to sort leads into various stages of their pipeline.
Using the customisable profile, portfolio, and website features, IDs can create and
customise their own profiles and custom sites.

For property owners: The ‘Browse Ideas’ tab lets users view images from interior
designers’ portfolios, then save them to albums for interior inspiration. Users can
request for renovation quotations (leads) by using a helpful, guided form. There are also
informational articles on home and space trends and know-how’s.

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