MM Cosmetic (“MM”) was established in 2004. MM is one of the leading cosmetic supply industry and disinfectant brands in Malaysia.

MM is a manufacturer, trading, and direct selling all kind of skincare, body care, healthcare, cosmetic products and sanitizer products.

MM also provides Biotechnology Services & Research and Development services & OEM, ODM, OBM services.

  • Main Production: Various type of facial masks, cleanser, toner, ampoule, serum, sunscreen, body care, haircare, healthcare, other cosmetic products and sanitizer.
  • Main Services: OEM/ODM/OBM for skin care product, distribute raw material & B2C service
  • Customers: Brand owners, merchants, distributors, agents, etc.

Most of our company products are certified by Malaysia government authorities like HALAL, GMP, ISO, KKM, NPRA, and others. We also do import and export.

We always believe that “Quality creates the future” for that we are using high tech machines to produce goods.

We are a global modernize R&D and manufacturing company with a combination of innovation and technology. More than 5,000 mature formulations, more than 300 clinical trial sites to witness the most authentic quality. We have professional R&D staff and qualified chemical composition.

MM production management workshop has a number of automated production lines, advanced water treatment, vacuum emulsification workshop with contactless aseptic operation work well for MM Cosmetics research and development.

We are developing APP called MOOMO. MOOMO is similar to other e-commerce platform like Shopee or Lazada. MOOMO will help customer to start up their own business. Everyone will have opportunity to start a new retail in the internet era. This application will help us to save price difference, save employee, save transportation, save store rent, save inventory, save trouble of credit term. We are also promoting all our product on LAZADA, SHOPEE, and ALIBABA.



The Covid-19 pandemic and the movement control orders have weighed heavily on many businesses in Malaysia and also Global Economy. We can see 55 to 75 percent of people declines in cosmetic and fragrance purchasing, respectively, versus a year ago. When consumers do return to work, many will continue to wear masks, further slowing makeup’s recovery. Most of them thinks it essential due to own financial crisis. People start focusing on their safety precautions.  

  1. Company capital is insufficient to develop MOOMO platform. Movement control have changed the traditional sales and marketing to online or digital sales. One click purchase or cashless. On-store shopping has been decreased. Customers recommend to buy online to save time and cost.
  2. Financial crisis has been increased, this leads insufficient fund to spend on new products and operation expenses. We want to spend more fund on own brands and establish them among consumers. We couldn’t import raw material
  • The E- Commerce economy of Malaysia is expected to rise. We want to improve our MOOMO platform with more features. The payment method should be need to add on. We need to recruit more IT professionals to control the e-commerce websites. We are trying to develop the platform to multi languages. Now we have separate IT professional to handle each online platform.  We are giving E-Vouchers to attract customer to buy on our products. The prices have make convenience for buyers.
  • We want to improve our skills to approach modern manufacturing and R&D services. We want increases automation manufacturing to control human error. Since, the world is moving towards technologies. Establish new product to the world market with effective ingredients.


  • OEM Products.
  • OMILLA (MM Brand)



  • MM Sanitizer products


  • 4 years of revenue and gross profit of MM Cosmetic.
  • Our revenue will be increase yearly by 10 % each year.
  • We controlled cost of manufacturing and sales each year.
  • In 2020 we want to achieve 30% higher than last year’s revenue.
  • We hold more than 1,000 customers all over Malaysia.  
  • 20% of our customers are from Singapore and other countries.
  • OEM customers whom wished to develop their own brand to market.
  • Regular customer whom buy our MM brand products.
  • Customers order from online platform like website, Facebook, and others.

A business model is our company's core strategy to make profit. We only have two types business.

  • B2C – Business to consumer.
    • We have provided the online website for potential consumer.
  • B2B – Business to business.
    • We have developed the OEM/OBM to our partners.

Our goal is to educate women about skin care knowledge, lead them to improve their confidence and help them to rise from B40 to M40 income group. People around 23-35 years old are always want to build their own business and be able to buy and persuasive. We want to provide one-click replication to become a distributor on MOOMO app. Encourage people to step into the mobile e-commerce and all the background date will be private and confidential.


Majority of people will support to buy establish cosmetic brands like Maybelline, Nivea, L’Oréal and others.  Some customer prefers the products with great value of money. Other e- commerce platform.



60 %: Products / APP development

20%: Promotion advertisement

20%:  Inner management

  • MM team adheres to the principle of 4A and firmly pursues the vision of the company.
    • “Aim-Action-Analyze-Attitude”
    • Aim - Determine the direction of the company
    • Action - Achieving excellence
    • Analyze - Determine the success or failure of the
    • Attitude - Determine the height of the business company
  • MR. TANG KIAN KHIM (Edison)– CEO










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