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MindDios is founded by a passionate group of educationists in self-development. After more than thirty years of experience in self-development, we narrow down our approach to target three areas, namely the brain, the mind and the skills. 

Scientists discovered that Einstein only used about ten percent of his brain power. 

The brain is the control center of our physical body. It determines our creativity which is the key to nurture modern way of thinking. We emphasize on Midbrain Activation which is the forgotten brain. We have the vision to raise up a new generation of people who knows how to maximize the use of the whole brain. 

The mind is the control center of our character. It determines our attitude, positive or negative personality, outlook and so on. We have developed more than ten ways to download the right belief system into the subconscious mind. We have the vision to raise up a new generation of people who are happy, relax and positive to unleash the full potential.  

The skill is the control center of our performance. It determines our speed, endurance, intelligence and techniques to accelerate learning. We have the vision to raise up a new generation of people who are champions and achievers.

We are positioning ourselves to step into the global market with a strong presence by the use of books written by ourselves, social medias for publicity and the internet for effective teaching and training. Our initial plan is to set up premium outlets at strategic locations. We aim to be the authority for Midbrain Activation in the year 2022 in Asia Pacific region. We are writing a book to create awareness. The title is “THE FORGOTTEN MIDBRAIN.”

We are preparing to populate the whole marketplace with our holistic approach to self-development and we have won numerous prestigious awards. One of them is the Guinness World Historical Moment Record in Jakarta, Indonesia.  The 10th Global Super Excellent Brand Award, The Outstanding Leadership Award, The Outstanding Entrepreneur Award, The Asia SME1 Emerging Award.

We believe the next trend in self-development is about the Midbrain Activation. With a strong vision, we are passionate to achieve the greatest and most influential academy worldwide to improve the quality of life for everyone.

  • Steve Yem
    Chief Executive Officer

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