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Midnightflair Collections is a Malaysian based virtual boutique, and specialized in women apparel such as jacket, blouse, and dress. Located in Subang Jaya and inspired by addeen fashion, and contemporary nightfall savoir faire; all of our products are especially designed by skillful couturier and its fabrics are delicately selected. All designs are made to suit any mood or occasion. Midnightflair Collections have been operating since February 2015 with major focus on Online Business. On July 2015, Midnightflair Collections have expanded their business by selling their product at Catalogued Boutique located at Bandar Baru Bangi. They also have expanded their product by selling at 11street (www.11street.com.my) under the Store name Midnightflair Collections. On January 2016, Midnightflair also will be selling their product at Lazada Malaysia (www.lazada.com.my). Currently Midnightflair have also been invited by Rakuten Malaysia (www.rakuten.com.my) under special arrangement to sell at their website. On the latest expansion, Midnightflair have recently joined Zalora Malaysia (www.zalora.com.my) to showcase and sell Midnightflair products. For the latest expansion, Midnightflair have established a new branding under the name of Midnightflair Scarves and will be official launch by first quarter of 2017.
  • Ian Norman Rizal Song
  • Shazwani Azmi

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