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Me.reka is an award winning, innovative and impact driven education model, designed to build 21st century mindsets. In a fast-changing world moving towards the 4th Industrial Revolution, majority of our youth and ourselves, are being left behind. The Me.reka model combines Project-Based Learning Programs, relevant online and offline tools, industry partnerships, with trainers that build growth mindset amongst the youth. The programs cover areas of IoT, Coding & Programming, Rapid Prototyping, Sustainability, Alternative Energy, etc.

Entrepreneurship and income-generating skills are core to Me.reka programs, which befits the 21st century freelance economy and borderless world. Me.reka programs are run from our innovative learning center in Publika, KL, as well as across the country at different centers. We nurture talent for the industries and businesses that will shape the future of Malaysia, and the region. In 2017, Me.reka won the Fridtjof Detzner Award by Founders Valley, Deutsche Welle (DW)

Me.reka is a brainchild of Biji-biji Initiative - a pioneering social enterprise in Malaysia. Me.reka was curated based on our experience, market knowledge and entrepreneurship know-hows.

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  • Rashvin Pal Singh
    Co-Founder, CEO
  • Gurpreet Singh Dhillon
    Co-Founder, Head of R&D
  • Zoe Victoria Tate
    Co-Founder, HR Manager
  • Juliana Adam
    General Manager
  • Navin Binwani
    Operations Manager
  • William Koong
    Head of Fabrication
  • Matthieu Mertens
    Head of Sales
  • Norashahera Haleem
    Head of Ethical Fashion
  • Ashvin Pal Singh
    Head of Education
  • Ambika Sangaran
    Head of Sustainability

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Me.Reka Makerspace partners Unicef Malaysia to solve education woes in Sabah

over 4 years ago by Rashvin Pal Singh



Me.reka Progress Update

over 4 years ago by Rashvin Pal Singh

Taylor's Future Movement.

Taylor's University teamed up with Me.Reka to build a microhouse, a redefinition of ‘home’ to help solve rapid urbanisation as outlined in UN Sustainable Goal 11. Check out Taylor's Future Movement here.

Signing of MOU with POLISAS

Me.reka recently signed a MOU with POLISAS on long term partnership between both organization.

Signing of MOU with Xperanti

Me.reka will also be signing a MOU with Xperanti, inking collaborations through internships, knowledge and technology sharing, and research and development. 

Second Cohort of Explorer

Following a much successful first cohort of Explorer Program, Yayasan Hasanah have decided to continue the program, reaching more and more public school students out of Klang Valley - exposing them 21st century technologies and career. 

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