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Similar to online ‘job recruitment’ platforms that match the CVs of job applicants to the requirements of a job vacancy, then notify suitable job applicants to “review and apply” for the jobs, mercurymarketplace.com applies complex market-mapping algorithms to identify pools of potential "right-fit" logistics sellers for a particular logistics outsource job (transportation, storage, warehousing, equipment, materials, security, system, process, manpower) posted by a logistic buyer. Our work involves 1. Visiting logistics buyers. 2. Offering this free platform to logistics buyers from various targeted industries. 3. Demonstrate to buyers how they can put forward their outsourcing needs in the format of a standard RFI or RFP 4. Matching outsource requirements to capable and qualified providers 5. Providing resume of providers to buyers 6. Automate comparison evaluation between providers. By taking the time to map out the ideal talent pools and right-fit candidates ahead of time can save buyers time and money. And since every supplier that the buyers target matches the job profile, the chances of making a good logistics outsource decisions improves substantially. There is: 1. No Online buying or selling or transportation/cargo space booking. 2. No Obligation to engage or contract. We focus on RFI and RFP responses instead. 3. No bias or influence to buyers' decisions. 4. No specific preference among providers. We are neutral and only a platform provider.

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