Focus on Human Friendly Medical Technology


M+TA is a leading biomedical technology provider of cutting-edge technologies and products. We started our R&D development activities in 2005 where we worked on advanced material science on special ionic quantum properties on medical material application.  After focusing on improving material quality by boasting electron mobility within Super Materials that exhibit excellent antibacterial and filtration properties, we established M+TA Technology in 2019. Our name is an acronym for Medical+ Technology Application. We aim to develop various medical and general application products using M+ Antibacterial, Micron+ Fiber and Super Micron+ Fiber Technology.

Through advance application of M+ Antibacterial and Super Micron+ Fiber Technology, we hope to cater for a wide variety of applications such as biomedical, tissue engineering, pharmaceutical, energy, filtration, material sciences, textile, agriculture, cosmetics, and many others.

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