From Traditional to Modern


Labu sayong are popular since the 18th century, but now it is a dying household item. It only survives as a souvenir. With Maya Water, we can bring a traditional item into a more practical modern household item. Maya Water serves as a water container with eco-friendly filtration system. For many reasons, most household serves water in the house using uninteresting bottles. Some even using recycled soda bottles. Imagine the awkwardness when serving an important guests in the house? With the traditional design of Maya Waters, those guests will not be able to take their eyes off the beautiful clean and sleek design of the modern day Labu Sayong. Apart from that, Maya Waters intend to make drinking water an exciting activity and developing it into a positive habit. With the ability to infused the water with fruits, it will make drinking water less boring and extremely beneficial to the overall health. With an incredible profit margin, we are also positioning our product into the tourism business. The ever booming Malaysian tourism valued at RM65 billion yearly, we are confident to penetrate at least 3-5 % of it.

  • Dazrene Irman bin Darus
  • Mohamed Mansor Adhar bin Sabaruddin
    Chief Strategic Officer
  • Norafinaz binti Rajadin
    Chief Operating Officer

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