Established in 2018, Maslaha Tech Sdn Bhd (MTECH) brings meaningful solutions directly to the community.

Continuing from the success of our parent company BIT Group Sdn Bhd in Syariah solutions space, MTECH further enhance and value-add proven enterprise solutions, re-engineer, re-invent with newer technologies tackling new use cases to benefit the public directly.

Having a completed inheritance and wealth management plan and communicated them successfully to our families can never be more important especially in times of Covid-19 crisis like now. Unfortunately, according to a survey by the government, less than 10% of Malaysian population has a legacy plan, whether it is in a form of a Will or a Wasiyyah. As a result, the value of Frozen Assets has been increasing year after year.

Our mission is to help the people NOT to become an addition to the statistics. In fact, we intend to help Malaysians create and share the very best legacy plan possible by bringing cost down to affordable level, make it easy to understand and subscribe and create an effective and efficient education platform with wider reach.

MySARA brings new experience to users as it approaches the problems from understanding of one’s family tree to automating complex processes of estate distribution to planning and executing one’s plan using trusted technology. From Genealogy to Legacy Smart App.

MySARA AI platform not only guides the users going through the creation and claim process, it also prescribes the best protection (takaful/life) for one’s loved ones.



According to the Department of Lands & Mines, Frozen Assets in Malaysia has reached RM70Billion this year. That number is probably just a tip of the iceberg because not included in the statistics, are the financial exposures to those facing with the problem.

There are three main reasons for this to happen.

  1. NOT Understanding the Process. People are just confused when it comes to estate administration and distribution especially with many agencies involved and countless conditions to follow.
  2. Beneficiaries DON’T CARE. Many try to avoid conflicts within families or fear of heavy costs to pay and choose not to even bother.
  3. Weak Knowledge of FARAID. Most Muslims misunderstood into thinking that FARAID will take care of everything that they do not have to pay attention to understanding them.

In the end, whatever the reasons maybe, majority do not have a proper plan, and even if they have one, they are either incomplete or outdated and in the worst scenario, they may not even have sufficient takaful/insurance protections for them and their loved ones.

Plenty of tools are available today but many are quite complex and for Muslims the question is whether the Faraid Calculation can be trusted.

The public has very limited choices,

  • Pay a high cost and use available software platform to create their Will or Wasiyyah. There will be pages to be populated and the lengthy processes are prone to error.
  • Pay a high cost to engage a service of a financial planner or a lawyer from either a company or individuals. Then again, there might be other hidden costs.

The stakes are very high, and as cases of unresolved inheritances, family quarrels, uncertainty of guardian to young children and escalating frozen assets just seems to worsen year over year.



Our mission is to help Malaysians NOT to become an addition to the statistics. In fact, we intend to help the people create and share the very best legacy plan possible no matter how big or small their estates are. We will also bring the cost down to affordable level, make it easy to understand and subscribe and create an effective and efficient education platform with wider reach.

MySARA is a One Stop Digital Platform for Inheritance and Wealth Management plus Protection Solutions.

MySARA technology is built on SYARIAH-DNA operational framework employing NASAB (family Relationship Law) and FARAID (Inheritance Distribution Law) backed by Smart Contract/BlockChain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies delivering the BEST digital experience to the users.

STAGE 1 (Charting Family Tree & Engaging Families)

  • nasab guides you to chart up to 25 type of relationships. All based on Syariah guidelines. nasab makes it easy to organize gatherings, meetings, or “kenduris”. We need to get this right because we depend on our family to take over totally when we are no longer around – especially so, when appointing the best guardian for young children or a trusted executor and witnesses to foresee your WILL or WASIYAH.

STAGE 2 (Simulate FARAID)

  • At this stage, customers can simulate their own inheritance distribution or anyone in their family tree. faraid will generate the rightful Beneficiaries and their entitlements. This is the most important part for Muslims as two thirds or majority of their estates must be distributed based this way.
  • This is our special weapon, our faraid engine and algorithm is PROVEN & ENDORSED by the Government and are in used in all Syariah courts all over Malaysia. Therefore, there is no dispute. Our solution is also robust and scalable to SUPPORT UNLIMITED LEVELS of deaths, which is especially important for cases involving multiple generations.

STAGE 3 (Craft and Choose Best Plan and Protection).

  • Customers are now ready to put their plan in order. MySARA takes over and establishes your wealth distributions, guardians for under-aged children, executors for your wishes and pledges to charities and not forgetting settlement of your debts and liabilities.
  • At this point, A Special feature called AI Precision Protection comes into action.  This is where MySARA will assess all our data and prescribes best protection possible for you and your loved ones.

Last but not least, customers may share their experience and at the same time learn from others in the community. MySARA community provides comfort as well as a credible support system to address similar challenges that may come.





MySARA:  One Stop Digital Platform for Inheritance and Wealth Management Plus Protection Solutions and it is an open platform for EVERYONE.

MySARA technology is built on SYARIAH-DNA operational framework employing NASAB (family Relationship Law) and FARAID (Inheritance Distribution Law) backed by Smart Contract/BlockChain and AI technologies.

Our design philosophy focuses on the following;

Attractiveness and Ease of use, with clear and simple to understand questions and navigations.


Quickly Onboard those already troubled with Frozen Assets


Encourages understanding of family and relatives and enhance relationships

Calculates and analyses Inheritance with proven and certified FARAIH engine.

Highlights risks and prompt users most suitable protections.

Offer best in value for money solutions from our potential partners like Maybank Trustees and ETIQA.

Last but not least, we offer community platform for users to share and learn.



We have been serving our customers since 2015. This is when our Parent Company BIT Group won an open tender to study, design and build a Syariah court-based Inheritance and Estate management Systems known as eFARAID.

When eFARAID was launch in 2016, PM’s Department recognizes the System as the first of its kind in the world.

In 2017, we enhanced eFARAID for export, codenamed digitalFARAID and made our first international effort to Negara Brunei Darul Salam where we presented to Syariah Court of Brunei in the presence His Excellency the Syariah Chief Judge and the Syariah Court of Appeal Chief Judge.

MaslahaTech Sdn Bhd was formed in 2018 with the mission to re-engineer, re-invent eFARAID with newer technologies and packaged them to benefit the public directly.

We have increased our momentum since and have started engaging early-adopters with field trials.

For B2B, we are working with Amanah Warisan and for B2C, we are starting with the Masjid Bandar Tun Hussein Onn communities, and the plan expand to other masjid or surau communities as well.

2021 will be a great year. We will launch our MySARA platform and target to file for Local & Regional Innovation Intellectual Property (IP).

We are very also excited to move our potential collaborations to the next level offering services with our potential national partners Maybank Trustees Berhad and Bereev  as well as potential regional collaborations with EzWills , from Singapore and Memori  from Brunei and be the Nusantara champion.



Our main client is the Department of Syariah Judiciary Malaysia with fourteen (14) Syariah courts throughout Malaysia.

In total, the Syariah courts handles on average of 100,000 cases per year powered by our eFARAID engine - the same engine we enhance to build MySARA.

When ready; we are confident that we will be able to deploy our solutions to our targeted B2B and B2C Clients.




With strong and strategic relationships with our B2B partners and B2C Channels, we will be profitable. In addition, income will steadily grow in line with our happy customers continuing to subscribe from us year after year.

Subscription Revenue Model

  • We charge our subscribers based on a certain interval of time (daily, monthly or annual) to avail our services.

Sales Revenue Model

  • This refers to our product and services sales which we offer competitive price.

Affiliate Revenue Model

  • We have an affiliate revenue model that deals with a business that follows the principle of commission.

Transaction Fee Revenue Model

  • We will charge a fee to a seller for every transaction made through our digital platform offered by our marketplace




Bank Negara Malaysia statistics indicates that Islamic Assets is closed to RM300Billion in 2020. These assets will go to the rightful beneficiaries when one passes. 

The services required to plan and execute the transfer, which industry charges from 5 –6% of total asset value creating a potential of RM 15Billion to RM18Billion.

Liquidation of the RM 70Billion frozen assets I mentioned brings potentials amounting to around RM 3.5Billion to RM 4.2Billion.

Life Insurance Associations (LIAM), reported that the market size for Life Insurance was at RM 46.7Billion in 2019 with TAKAFUL contributing to RM 28.5Billion.

That brings the total to RM 47Billion - RM 51Billion in Malaysia alone.


For a start, we are targeting 20M Malaysian Workers & Businesses, married or single.

Via the following strategies.

Directly through our digital platform
  1. MySARA: an open platform for EVERYONE.
  2. digitalMASJID (planned): Masjid-hosted platform targeting Muslims.
Through Our potential partners' digital platforms.
  1. At National Level together with Maybank Trustees Berhad & Bereev (www.bereev.com).
  2. At Regional Level will be with EzWills (www.ezwills.com.sg), from Singapore and Memori (www.mirath.io), from Brunei.


The Total Addressable Market (TAM) looks very promising ensuring scalability and growth of our business.

Once a champion in Malaysia, next it is only logical to move to Asia.

It is reported that Fintech market in Asia Pacific touches RM300Billion.

Just in Indonesia, carving out just the Personal Finance piece of Fintech Market is RM2.7Billion. With estimates of 2 million masjids, Asia is indeed a huge market.

The world be our ultimate target.

In the US, the genealogy software & services market is already RM12.5Billion. Then, of course the world 1.8B Muslims. 4 million Masjids - Massive, massive opportunity.

MySARA (2021-2025) PLAN


Being a lucrative and growing market, obviously we are not alone.  In fact, we have both international and local competitors.

The market is currently being served in two ways.

First, is via the Brick-and-Mortar Companies with agents on the ground.

  • Here you are looking at companies like Amanah Raya Berhad, RockWills, As-Salihin Trustees, Wasiyyah Shoppe and many more.
  • These companies provide excellent service but with a price probably will suit the higher income group and only managed to capture 13 – 15% of the population.

Next, is the Digital Platform Providers

  • It is interesting to see that the market is being dominated by Foreign based companies, with Foreign Directors. Example will be like CreateWills, and MyWasiyyah.
  • The user experience they offer is very good but then again when it comes to Syariah-compliant, is the FARAID engine certified?

Then, we have our local champion eWASIAT from Selangor State Religious Councill.

  • There are no questions on Syariah compliancy.
  • But one can’t help but notice that even after being in service for 2++ years, the number of wasiat subscribed from their platform is only 2,800.

Nevertheless, we are still confident to excel in our created and chosen markets because of three main points.

  1. Firstly, MySARA provides unique user experience, which begins with understanding Family Tree to developing Legacy plans.
  2. Secondly, with a special feature called AI Precision Protection, users will be prescribed with the best protection based on individual unique situations.
  3. Thirdly and Most Importantly, our faraid is built on a proven Calculation Engine. The same engine being used now at all Syariah Courts throughout Malaysia. The algorithm put in the system was a result of many man-hours of consultation with Subject Matter Experts in the Syariah Law and Faraid (Law of Inheritance) disciplines.

This is probably the most difficult “Barriers for Entry” and where most solutions provider struggles.



Below is high-level visual summary that maps out the vision and direction of our product offering over time from targeting local market as well regional.




Our objectives is to attract partners and investors to join us in our journey to put Malaysia on the world-map with leadership in Syariah-Compliant Genealogy and Legacy Planning Space.

The investments we received comes with it a huge responsibility. We are committed to ensure all monies are spent wisely to support and grow the business.

  1. Majority of the funds of 50% will be for Technology development and Enhancements.
  2. 35% on digital marketing, we plan to start our campaign “One Family, One nasabTREE.”
  3. Only 15% will be for funding operations activities.



  • With huge databases and  Big Data Technology, we will be able to understand customers and their needs precisely and be in a position to Set-up, Operate and Manage a MUAMALAT EXCHANGE for all Malaysians to plan, communicate and execute their legacy plans, liquidate their Frozen Assets, link their financials and get protections from TAKAFUL Family and General offerings.

  • Set-up , operate and manage International MUAMALAT Xchg to settle inter country inheritance cases.
  • Set-up, operate and manage international networks of Masjids and Suraus.
  • Forming Strategic Alliance @ Global Partners
  • Leading Driver for World Muslim Forum on Syariah-Compliant and Muslims Community Solutions Provider.



Current single largest investor is BIT GROUP SDN BHD



  1. Mohamed Hasbi Yaacob , Co-Founder and Chairman
  2. Norazam Ahmad, CEO and Co-Founder :



A.   Norazam Ahmad, CEO and Co-Founder :

  • 25 years of corporate experience in ICT Sales & Marketing ;
  • BSc in Computer Engineering, Arizona State University, USA
  • Pre-Electrical University of Nebraska ay Omaha (UNO), USA

B.   Dr Mohd Salihan, Visualization Scientist :

  • Informatician, College of Medicine, King Saud University (2017 – 2019) ; 
  • Data Officer, National Health & Services, UK (2005 – 2010) ; 
  • PhD Visual Informatics, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

C.   Mohd Aziz Mohd Napiah, Operations and Support :

  • 10 Years experience in ICT Support and Operations ; BSc CS , Universiti Teknologi MARA (UITM)
We are blessed by the support of industry captains as our official advisers.

A.   Helme Yusof , Lead Architect & Designer ; 

  • Original Developer, eFARAID Jabatan Kehakiman Syariah Malaysia (JKSM)


  • Pengarah / Ketua Pendakwa Syarie, Jabatan Pendakwaan Syariah Wilayah Persekutuan, (2016 – 2018)


  • Chairman of Syariah Committee, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Corp. Malaysia ; 
  • Member of Syariah Malaysia, Swiss Re-Takaful Malaysia Berhad ; 
  • Director, Waqf and Zakat Center, University Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)


  • Senior Professor for Arabic Language, International Islamic University of Malaysia.



BIT Group Sdn Bhd is a leader and a pioneer in Syariah Compliant Solutions. Our story has appeared in local news media and received many accolades.

A.   Selesai kes harta pusaka dalam tempoh kurang 7 hari

MENTERI di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom bersama Timbalannya, Datuk Asyraf Wajdi Dasuki (kiri) beramah mesra bersama peserta seminar selepas melancarkan perasmian Seminar Kebangsaan Transformasi Pengurusan Harta Pusaka di Dewan Tuanku Canselor Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM),Nilai. -Foto Hazreen Mohamad


B.    Sistem e-Faraid terbaik di dunia
C.    E-Faraid to help court settle cases in 1 hour
D.    Sistem eFARAID ringkaskan urusan kes – Utusan Online


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