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MARQETR is a tech-enabled on-demand marketing experts marketplace. Operating like the “uber of marketing”, powered by a smart-matching algorithm, we help businesses, from Startups, SMEs to Corporations save time and money, and be in control of their marketing cost and resources by providing access to vetted and verified on-demand high-skilled marketers. We also help marketers be in control of their marketing careers where they can work flexibly and earn income their way, anytime and anywhere.

We are on a mission to democratise the marketing industry, reimagine a new way working and build the future work.


The critical role of creating solid, cost effective and fast marketing strategies and execution, to build or rebuild brands, and finding and engaging the right experts to do them, have been proven time and time again to positively impact and accelerate business results. Yet the industry is highly fragmented, dominated by a few key players and has a high barrier to entry for newcomers – i.e., those who wish to offer or receive services independent of the big firms.

Firstly, the current situation provides limited access for individual clients to startups, micro, small and mid-sized companies or corporations to engage high-skilled marketers, on-demand.

Additionally, the current situation creates limited exposure for those high-skilled marketers to work on projects that are highly relevant to them. The current procurement or hiring process can take between 30-90 days, before the real work actually starts, a timeframe which can be shortened and expedited to 24-72 hours with MARQETR.

Furthermore, there is no easy way that exists to match these businesses with the right marketing solutions and the right marketing experts. Word of mouth or referrals, although can be credible at times, may also be incredibly biased, which may lead to the lack of fair and equal work distribution to deserving marketing experts. Therein lies the problem, which of course, presents a huge opportunity for us to close this gap, address the problem and create an alternative avenue for the marketing industry.

Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the global gig-economy stood at about 20% of the total workforce. Post pandemic, that number is increasing to 35%, and for mature markets like the USA, it could potentially reach 50% of the workforce. And so, we ask, where do they go to earn income? And more specifically, where do marketers go? Yes, there are options like Fiverr or Upwork or Freelancers but they cater to broad categories, are not specialized and are more palatable for those who are willing to offer one-off or smaller services versus a more strategic mid to long-term work such as an integrated brand building exercise or an omni-channel marketing planning. This is where MARQETR comes in.


The marketing industry is synonymous with being on-to-go which means, the solution has to be mobile-first, and supported by the desktop version. This solution has to be able to solve and achieve the following:

  1. Save time for business users/clients in their search for solutions and talents.
  2. Save money for business users/clients because it will be fast, easy and transparent.
  3. Make money for marketers as an alternative avenue to earn income.


The product will cater to two users, with a self-service feature.

  1. Business users/clients can create a free account with MARQETR, submit a project request and will only make payment when there is a match with a marketing expert or experts and the project is confirmed.
  2. Marketers will go through a screening process first for verification purposes before being approved and on-boarded as a Marketing Expert on MARQETR, which will then enable them to have access to or be matched with projects from potential clients.


Since we started operations in January 2021, we have gained a lot of interests from potentials clients. A total of 25 proposals have been sent out, worth RM 1.35 million. As the global economy opens up post COVID-19, we expect the traction to gain momentum and will continue to increase thereafter.


We are currently present in Malaysia, Singapore and most recently the USA, which strategically positions us to serve clients and customers in Asia, the USA and globally.

Services on MARQETR range from personal branding for individuals and senior executives, to brand building and marketing activation to help micro and small businesses, to integrated and omni-channel planning and execution of large-scale projects for enterprises and corporations. Facilitating and enabling a tender/pitch or a reverse pitch powered by the smart matching algorithm, will be one of the main features of MARQETR.

Marketers who are looking to offer the services listed on MARQETR, are welcomed to sign-up to be a part of our network of on-demand Marketing Experts, whether to earn extra income on the side if they already have a full-time job, earn income on a part-time basis or use MARQETR as their main channel or source of income – putting marketers in charge of how their work gets done.


Our business model is based on connecting two parties. One party who may be looking for a marketing solution and another who can offer that service.

What makes us special is that we aim to remove the friction and ambiguities in finding and engaging these two parties using data and technology, and facilitate making that connection quickly and efficiently. Signing contracts and making payments can all be done on the platform too. We also take a few steps further by availing tools, data and insights to facilitate the collaboration, so clients and marketers can concentrate on getting the real work started. The fee or commission that we keep, is to fuel that engine that powers the smart matching algorithm. It is not “an agency” fee or “a consultant” fee - it is for the technology/platform fee.

Payments made by clients are kept in the escrow until the assignments are complete. Once completion has been confirmed, 80% of the funds will be assigned to the Marketing Experts and release their accounts after a 7-day clearing period. We keep a 20% commission on each transaction.


The vibrant and dynamic marketing industry spans across many areas, including branding, traditional and digital marketing, media and communications, market research, marketing gig economy and many more - it is constantly evolving and expanding. Below shows the estimated market size that we aim to target, which is predominantly in Asia. The USA has been excluded from the Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) at this fundraising round, due to its infancy/very early stages of incorporation, at this juncture.

Why now? The pandemic has accelerated the shift to remote work, allowing more flexibility in how work gets done. As such, a new way of working, in the new normal has to be created, and we are here to embrace and prepare for it quickly.


We have done our research on the global competitive landscape, and below are our key findings. Although there are a few marketplaces that offer some form of marketing services among other categories on their platforms, we are the first specialized and curated marketplace to offer Marketing Experts and Expertise only.


We are fundraising to develop the technology, build a strong team and kick-start our marketing.

To fundraise, we are offering you and the crowd the following equity offer.


We have a clear vision and roadmap of how, when and where we would like to steer MARQETR towards in the next few years, as shown below.

At the heart of MARQETR, we aim to become a profit-driven as well as a purpose-driven company, and we want to achieve that by being focused on building a technology platform that will change people’s lives for the better.


Mawarni Adam | Founder and CEO of MARQETR

A Chartered Marketer 2022 candidate, a Fellow at The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) UK, a Member at the Customer Experience Professional Association (CXPA) USA, and an Affiliate Member at the Institute of Corporate Directors Malaysia (ICDM). 

Mawarni is the former head of brand and corporate marketer at a global financial institution with direct experience in banking, insurance, tech and start-up companies. A data and insights driven brand builder and marketer, she consults and advises companies in performance branding, integrated marketing, marketing technology (MarTech) and digital communications. She is constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions or strategic partners that can deliver strong results for the brands that she works for or are involved in.

Mawarni has an award-winning history and a proven track record in building brands, transforming marketing and customer experience efficiencies and implementing operational excellence and has helped brands that she worked or consulted with, win awards or achieve recognitions such as The BrandLaureate Industry Champion Brand ICON, Best In-House Marketing Team, Excellence in Integrated Marketing, Excellence in Marketing Transformation, Best Engagement Strategy, Best Consistency in Branding, Best Multi-Channel Campaign, Excellence in Loyalty Marketing, Best Use of Brand Advocacy and Most Creative TV/Video Advertising.


Dato’ Wira Adam | Director of MARQETR

Dato’ Wira Adam is an enterprising, result oriented and a hands-on leader, with over 24 years of global experience in strategic marketing management. He had spent a majority of his career in the B2B segment, handling multi scale projects, negotiations and government relations in the commodities and real estate marketing industries, across several countries.

No stranger to the corporate world, he has held numerous senior executive roles and board directorships in local and global companies. A global business leader and a marketer at heart, he has worked in the UK, Canada and Malaysia, and he brings with him in-depth executive experience, marketing know-how and invaluable insights to his coaching, mentoring and board directorship roles.

Adzfar 'Ed' Aziz | Strategic Partnerships and Marketing

Adzfar Aziz is a Chevening alumni 2019/20 where he completed the MSc of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology with distinction at the prestigious Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, Strathclyde Business School. Fondly known by his peers as ‘Ed’, he is the Recipient of both the “Most Influential Digital Marketing Leader” and “Top 50 Global Digital Leader” awards from CMO Asia & World Brand Congress in Kuala Lumpur & Mumbai in 2016. With over 17 years of experience in the marketing industry, he honed his digital marketing skills and expertise during his time in the corporate world at Astro, Maxis, BFM 89.9 and Celcom, and as an entrepreneur with his own venture, SML. He is a huge Liverpool FC supporter and an avid lifelong learning student inspired by Jurgen Klopp’s leadership and management mannerism. 

Hizam Sahibudeen | Tech and Engineering

Hizam Sahibudeen is an experienced engineer with over 20 years of experience in building and scaling global technology platforms. His ability to inspire those around him and his objective approach to solving problems, has seen him build and grow teams of over 100 - 200 engineers across multiple countries, and has successfully increased returns on investments on the tech talents that he has brought on board.

He started his career in the tech industry in California, then moved briefly to Malaysia, Czech Republic and now Germany, where he is part of an executive team who are revolutionising the way retail brands run their stores on iPhones.

Greg Paull | Advisor

Greg is the Principal and Co-Founder of R3, the leading global, regional and local consultancy, focused on driving transformation for marketers and their agencies. It was founded in 2002 to help and enable their clients to get the competitive edge and a better return on investment from agencies, media, digital and marketing spend. With over 100 people in the US, Asia, EMEA and LATAM, Greg and his team work with nine of the world’s top twenty marketers including Coca-Cola, Unilever, Mondelez, MasterCard, Mercedes Benz, GSK, Samsung and Colgate. 

Before founding R3, Greg held regional leadership roles at Ogilvy Europe, DraftWorldwide and Bates Asia Pacific.

Lynette Ang | Advisor

Lynette Ang is the former Chief Marketing Officer at Sentosa Development Corporation, a leadership role she held for over six years with local and global responsibilities, spanning the commercial chain of sales and marketing, branding and communications, events and programming, and guest experience. She expanded her portfolio in her final year of service by taking on additional responsibilities in tenant management and experience curation.

Lynette began her career by working with distinguished multi-national corporations such as Coca-Cola, Unilever and Anderson Consulting (Accenture). With more than 25 years of experience in the field of branding, marketing, communications strategy, sales and customer intelligence, Lynette steadily rose in ranks throughout her career starting from being one of the pioneers of the standalone e-Bank, finatiq.com which was set up by OCBC during the first wave of the dotcom boom, to holding marketing leadership roles at NTUC Income, NTUC Enterprise, APL (part of the NOL group) and eventually as the CMO at Sentosa.

She is currently taking a break from a full-time corporate role and calls herself a “hobby-preneur” with the launch of her online venture called “The Scent Apothecary” in January 2021, where she produces, retails and markets natural body care and home care products.

Nicky Lim | Advisor

30 years in the advertising and communications business. 

20 years in leadership role across multiple agencies such as Dentsu, Geometry, Grey & Momentum Worldwide.

6 years in leading Malaysia’s first agency network.

Nicky Lim is the former Group CEO of Dentsu International Group Malaysia, a role he held for over six years. While he was at the helm of this award-winning agency, he led and provided oversight for all of the entities under the group namely, Dentsu One, Dentsu LHS, Dentsu X, Dentsu Sports, Isobar and Lemonade. He left the agency life in February 2021, and stepped into the role of a senior communications advisor to continue to contribute to the advertising and marketing community in a different capacity.

Throughout his career, he has worked with renowned and iconic brands such as Diageo, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, Toyota, Honda, Coca Cola and many more.

Siegtraund Teh | Advisor

Siegtraund Teh is currently the Chief Growth Officer at Unilever Marketplace. A thought leader in Travel and digitech, she comes with a strong aviation, travel and digital transformation experience across Asian markets, with a proven success track record in transforming and managing complex businesses and group structures.

Most recently, she was the VP of Group Business at a Vietnamese conglomerate, Sovico Group, to set-up GalaxyOne, a digitech company to drive digital transformation. She then became their deputy CEO, focusing on building platform businesses for the group, establishing Centre of Excellence (Shared services) and future proofing through venture building. Prior to GalaxyOne, she consulted with Cathay Pacific group on their LCC acquisition of Hong Kong Express and further became the acquired entity’s independent director.

She was part of AirAsia for over 11 years, where she started with the airline as the Regional Marketing Manager tasked to manage North Asia, Indo China, Australia markets, turnaround Indonesia AirAsia and Philippines AirAsia, and then became its Group Chief Commercial Officer from 2013 to 2018. Under her commercial leadership, four airlines were launched, including two long-haul carriers, where she led end-to-end commercial functions of all nine airlines of the Group, spread across 25 countries in Asia and ANZ. As a GCCO, she had also successfully managed several pandemics and disruptions while continuously outperforming industry expectations and remaining profitable. The AirAsia brand has been consecutively awarded as the World’s Best Low-Cost Carrier.

Prior to AirAsia, she was the Brand manager for Redbull, and launched it in the Malaysia market.


MARQETR, the Marketing Experts Marketplace Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Facilitate Technology Development and New Markets Expansion

Revival in 2020

Singapore expansion

The Rise of Part-Time CMO


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MARQETR Integrates Tazapay Enabling Cross-Border Escrow Payments for Milestone Transactions

7 months ago by Mawarni Adam

We announced our latest integration plan recently with Tazapay as part of our continuous improvement efforts for the company, to enable cross-border and international escrow payment for milestone transactions. We believe this upgrade will allow us to provide the ease, speed and convenience for our clients and marketers to transact safely from anywhere in the world, whilst providing a more cost-effective option for all parties involved.

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MARQETR Chooses Carta for Equity and Ownership Management Solution

7 months ago by Mawarni Adam

One of the pain points for companies, especially a startup like ours is managing our cap table, employee stock options pool (ESOP) and equity grants efficiently. Having a single source of truth to facilitate the issuance of new shares for shareholders and a well managed and automated vesting schedules takes away the hassles of time-consuming administrative tasks, so we can focus on running the business.

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22 Frequently Asked Questions by Investors

8 months ago by Mawarni Adam

We have compiled 22 Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs) by investors, which were asked during the pre-live period, and we are sharing them with you here to provide additional information for our equity crowdfunding campaign.

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Our Early Bird Offer ended on 31 October 2021 and we'll be going LIVE soon!

8 months ago by Mawarni Adam

THANK YOU to the early bird investors who participated in the pre-live campaign. Here are some stats about them - their nationality and the industries they are in.


We were featured in Yahoo! Finance

8 months ago by Mawarni Adam

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