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Loo Urban Farm is a social enterprise who contributes to farmland, carbon foot print and global warming reduction by enabling every home to sustainably produce self-sufficient fresh and healthy food. Our planting system occupies as small as 2ft by 4ft space is capable to supply vegetable and food for a family. Effectively, we reduce food miles to ZERO!, Reducing carbon footprint and contributing towards carbon reduction and moderating global warming. Beside, our systems is lifestyle changing machanism where you are not only enjoy fresh, pesticide free, non toxic vegetables and fish right in your house or garden anytime you need it, but it is also effective distress system where you will enjoy feeding the fish and amazed by the rate the greens grow in your garden.

We are also designing and build commercial farm. We aim to interrupt the conventional farming methods where 1 acre of our setup is equivalent to 4 acares of conventional farming with much lesser manpower used and resources. At the same time, our farm will out perform the orgaincs farm to make pesticides free and non toxic food be more affordable.

Talk to us on how you could involved in growing our team and achieving our goals.

  • Loo Ping Look

Now every home can grow fresh, healthy and nontoxic food

over 2 years ago by Loo Ping Look

We are glad to announce our modular home vertical aquaponics systems are now ready and many early adopters already using in from months to years. Never the less, we have been keep on improving our design and functionality. As such, we have designed, manufactured and filed 2 patents. With that we are now ready to launch this 2 wonderful products.

With these modular system, we are enabling every home to grow their own fresh, healthy and nontoxic food. We are set to introduce more green in the urban cities. Reduce food miles to ZERO. Hence, contributing to healthier life, greener world and moderating global warming.

VAAPS-140, sits on only 2ft x 4 ft space. Grow more than 140 plants and 10 fishes at all time. First harvest in 40days upon installation.

VAAPS-210, sits on only 4ft x 15 ft space. Grow more than 210 plants on vertical, hundreds more on the growbeds, endless supply of microgreens and 30 fishes at all time. First harvest in 40days upon installation.




Our Flagship Commercial Vertical Aquaponics Urban Farm

over 2 years ago by Loo Ping Look

Our flagship commercial vertical aquaponics urban farm is now up and running.  This first ever vertical commercial farm in Malaysia sit on 2000 sqare feet space. It grows more than 4000 plants at any point of time and 2000 fishes with thousand more microgreens. This Vertical Aqauponics Farm sits right beside a well know and busy restaurant at Ijok, Kuala Selangor. Cheng Sun Restaurant, https://www.facebook.com/chengsun580/

This is the first such vertical aquaponics farm serving fresh, healthy and nontoxic vegetables and fish directly from farm to plate. 


The owner Mr Tan is very satisfied with our design and deliveries. We were immediately been awarded with an addition job. Upon completion of this addition, he is giong to expand this farm to 6000 sq feet. Loo urban farm will have a very busy year with the projects coming.

Many potential investors has been knocking our door wanting to invest in such vertical urban farm. We foresee more and more projects are coming in in the near future.


Fund raising soon

about 3 years ago by Loo Ping Look

Dear All,

After 3 years of research and developments, we are now ready to go for fund raising exercise to bring our innovation and business to the next level.

If you are interested in investing in our venture, please stay tuned.

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