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About us

Ligakita.my is sole product from Ligakita PLT, which provide domestic football fantasy league for Malaysian Fans. Our core is expertise in building web-based system, apps development and analytics. We are creating and offering valuable data from every team that competes in Malaysian Super League (MSL) to be used by users as insights. Liga Kita has experienced explosive growth over the past three years. Over ten thousand users are now active and waiting for the MSL season to start. Our social media is slowly catching up with users' numbers. Currently, we are the only company that establishes a fantasy league for the local football scene in Malaysia. Liga Kita will offer a better product, useful data and analytics for users and football club, and will deliver it for 2020 season.

What is fantasy football?

Fantasy sports is a competition in which participants select imaginary teams from among the players in a league and score points according to the actual performance of the player. The better your player performs in real life, the higher your fantasy point. Participants are called managers who play against other managers and their team. Everybody manages a roster by adding,dropping,trading and selling players to keep winning.

Our Strategy

our main business is online fantasy gaming and digital content creator. In this first phase, we empower the spread of domestic football information to users and fans which will enable us to collect databases. As we reach the number of users and fans that we expected, we will start monetizing database collected through multiple channels which is :

  1.  Advertising - payment for the promotion of third party business through brand sponsorship, ad sense and affiliate link.
  2. Selling own product - Selling exclusive physical and digital items. Ligakita.my has a gameplay where users can purchase items which will give them certain leverage. We will also come up with exclusive merchandise and collectable items.
  3. Sponsorship/ brand deals - Sponsored league with lucrative prizes.
  4. Affiliates - Affiliates engagement for brand visibility and data sharing, whether it is for marketing purpose or product sales.
  5. Paid review 

As for 2nd phase, we will open for partnership to parties whom interested to develop a fantasy game platform for other sports or for other countries.


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