Contextualised Learning at Your Time of Need


Leaderonomics Digital was conceptualised to solve the THREE biggest problems in the world of learning:

  1. Low engagement of learners
  2. Low transfer of learning to the workplace
  3. Low relevance of learning content

We are born out of Leaderonomics Sdn Bhd, a successful leadership consultancy, and 10 years of industry experience working with leading companies in Malaysia and in the region. Leaderonomics Digital is positioned to disrupt the current leadership training offerings in the market with a new idea:

Learning at the Time of Need!

Leveraging technology for all its advantages, we will be able to identify the exact moments of need of an employee, at the moment of need. By doing diagnosis in these micro-windows of needs, instead of looking at 3-year windows in traditional training needs analysis, we will be able to offer the right learning at the right moment.

Integrating right into the work of the employee, learning will appear at the moment of need in the shape or form that is most conducive to the learner. By enabling AI driven curation of web content, we will be able to access the world of knowledge and hence best fit the right learning to the right moment of need.

By diagnosing, designing and delivering through the five moments of need, we will ensure relevance. By allowing push content as well as pull content, we will increase engagement. By delivering content that can be applied in the moment of need, we will improve transfer.

We will redefine learning as it stands and create a new category of organisational learning solutions!



  • Roshan Thiran
    CEO and Founder
  • Ang Hui Ming
    CFO and Founder
  • Sashe Kanapathi
    CEO and CTO

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