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We are a big data analytic company, we have been collecting data for more than 8 years, thru our 29'000 beacons attached nationwide / Satellite / GPS / WIFI and Telecom Towers.

We are living in mobile first world, as we track each of smart phone user’s behaviour, pay brackets, living style and many more to be precised approximately 1200 personas. We GEO-FENCE each provided location and keep track on each attribution and leverage this technological information to bridge the gap between companies and their customers. Which eventually helps them to grow their revenue and profit margin.

Above and on top of that, what makes it more interesting is that we provide detailed footfall analysis on after serving the advert by right personas. “This platform can actually help you to advertise and reach your targeted audiences and also provides online and offline attribution which can increase revenue and company profit". This helps the CEO, or the owner of the organization knows the ROI of Marketing investment.

PROXIMITY Targeting:

1.   Demographics: age, gender, HHI, marital state, language, education

2.   Location: home location, work location

3.   Habits: store visits, dining habits, entertainment preference

4.   Intents: purchase habits, in market for a car, home, career  

5.   'Add Calendar' events with rich media creatives


PROXIMITY Re-Targeting:

1.   Our smart and robust profile engine provides its advertisers with unmatched retargeting campaigns

2.   Create retargeting lists, based on activity, interests and location or upload your pre-generated lists.

3.   Our ever-growing user profile database now contains more than 3 Billion unique device id’s (GAID’s and IDFA’s):

4.   Create your retargeting list while running your current campaign

5.   Upload your own list of users to be retargeted (White list) or to be excluded from your campaigns (black list)

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