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Kuvings Sdn Bhd (“Kuvings Malaysia”) helps customers consume high nutrition in order to achieve their health goals. Since its formation in 2013, the company has grown rapidly selling more than 30,000 units of juicers and recorded cumulative revenue exceeding RM50 million and EBITDA of RM4.7 M


Kuvings Malaysia was born when one of our founders was introduced to the benefits of cold pressed juicing in a health exhibition in Hong Kong. That was 7 years ago. At that time, cold pressed juice were hardly known in Malaysia. Today, when people speak about juices, cold pressed juices is at the forefront of people’s minds. Kuvings Malaysia has played a key role in educating and changing the landscape of juicing in this country. 

We knew right from the beginning that selling juicers is not our business. What we “sell” is good health through nutrition.  

“We help customers consume high nutrition in their diet to achieve their health goals”.

This is why we worked hard to build a community of health conscious individuals who share in the same values as we do. 

Today, we have a community of more than 30,000 people in Malaysia who are actively interacting with one another, sharing their passion and knowledge. In addition, all major cold press juice brands in Malaysia are Kuvings customers.

This is who we are.


We are a bunch of likeminded people who are passionate about nutrition, and serious about customer service. We take pride in hiring people who walk the talk, and walk it with conviction! 

We have:

  • a retail sales team who are also Kuvings health ambassadors. 
  • a committed team in the office who make sure operations behind the scene stay smooth and efficient. 
  • a team of dieticians who are committed to build knowledge base and providing consultation services to our customers.


We are a company that provides a wholistic solution to people’s health. We sell a range of products such as cold press juicers, vacuum blenders, and probiotic makers - to enable people to get maximum nutrition in the most efficient way. 

Apart from the hardware, we also provide dietitian consult services, run health related workshops in-house and in companies, weight management programme and corporate wellness programme. 

Our latest addition is NutriDNA testing. We have big dreams for this latest venture. We want to be known as the nutrigenomics hub in Malaysia where people will be tested to know their health risks, and we help them manage their risk through diet and nutrition plans. 

Kuvings has made a positive impact on the health of its customers and has high brand equity as trusted nutrition and health partner.  Thousands of "Happy and Healthy" customers form the foundation of the company's future roadmap into dietetic and personalized nutrition services


The next phase of our business will be built on serving the large community base and expanding it to a more divers demographics. Investors are able to observe this dynamic community using this link:  My Kuvings.

We recently identified a few lifestyle influencers who are themselves customers of Kuvings. We reached to them to join our cause.  We are delighted that many of them are motivated to partner with us to promote healthy diet and lifestyle to their followers.  We have kickstarted a pilot project with one influencer. It was successful campaign as we acquired new customers from a large demographic group that was missing from our business.

We shall be embarking on targeted campaigns through these customers-influences to reach out to a total audience base of of 2 to 3 million people.  We expect sales growth in the next few years to be fuelled by new customers and new products to match a wider income range.

We have put together the building blocks to advance Kuvings as a health and lifestyle brand in the market.


By pivoting sales from offline channels to direct and online channels, gross margins will increase from 49% to 55%. The disposal of a property in 2020 will yield net cash gain and result in a lighter balance sheet.  EBITDA  will return of 17%, the sane level achieved before. Earnings per share of the enlarged capital is projected to be RM4.39 in 2020.


Our objective is achieve 2 key strategic goals.  First, to expand our stakeholder base by inviting our passionate customers to become co-owners of the company. This equity crowdfunding exercise is open to our customers.  This will enable us to deepen our relationship with them and turn them to be even more passionate about the products and services from a company they are shareholders of.

We expect a significant part of our ECF offering will be taken up by existing customers.

Secondly, raising additional capital will allow us to fund the next phase of our marketing using social influencers (described above) to grow our direct online business from its current 10% of total sales to reach 50% by end 2022 and settling at 90% by 2025. This shift in market dynamics is projected to increase the company’s net margins and profitability significantly.

Shareholders of Kuvings will enjoy lifetime discount on products and service. 

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