Uniting Passions


KITAMEN® is a lifestyle brand for esports, with a community hub that delivers a platform for all esports titles under one roof with multiple outlets across Kuala Lumpur and growing throughout Malaysia. It means KITA MAIN (Lets Play)

Founded in June 2016 by Hazman and Moshi out of shared loved for esports and video games lifstyle.

We consider ourself as the Fastest growing esports community brand in SEAsia, delivering a core platform for the next generation of gaming enthusiasts. As a social proof, Within 12 months in operations, we have achieved

> 17  Physical licensed outlets in under 12 months

> Database of over 90,000 gamers from a daily growing community

> Worked with global brands as a pathway to the elusive gamer community

And aim to become

> A vehicle for brands to connect with an exclusive user segment

Through our diverse unique ecosystem business model - comprising multiple symbiotic revenue streams of - The Esports Dojo™ - Esports Ring, Esports Battlestations, Esports League Event space Retail Zone Recharge Zone (Cafe) -

KITAMEN® aims to unite gamers, esports enthusiast, families through Esports Lifestyle, KITAMEN® has in just a short time proven to be the venue of choice for families, friends, corporations, NGOs and Gamers Communities to gather.

In short, Esports itself develop sports-related skills and knowledge, a Digital Therapy, which helps kids build confidence and ease stress. These components teach athletic skills such as time management, spacing and quick decision making, teamwork, leadership and prepare to any challenges what lies ahead.

KITAMEN® believes that social good must be the primary driver behind what it does, and that investing into society is equally, if not more important, than investing into its business.


  • Mohd Hazman Hassan

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