Get Babysitters Anytime Anywhere


We’re on a journey to create an ecosystem to support working parents – giving them the gift of freedom and time by connecting them with babysitters to care for their children. It is also our aim to empower women who want to pursue childcare as a career or generate extra income, by giving them the platform to do so. This is the Kiddocare story.

Kiddocare matches third-party babysitters with parents, offering the gift of freedom and time, as well as providing customised preference (language, race, preferred carer) and flexible arrangement (time, day, place).

Our Kiddocarers are…
- Security vetted
- Health-checked
- Childcare trained
- CPR & First Aid certified

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Kiddocare To Pitch To APEC Investors

7 months ago by Hazlan Zakaria

Kiddocare won the "Ticket To Thailand" Local Innnovation Challenge at APEC's  inaugural Local Innovation Ecosystem  Forum in Tomsk Russia, today.

With this win, Kiddocare will be participating in a pitching session with  APEC Investors to be held in Thailand at a later date.

Kiddocare was represented by its Founding CEO Nadira Mohd Yusoff.

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