Communication Cohesion Continuity (3Cs)




‘Bina‘ is a Malay word and means to build or to construct. At the same time, ‘Pavo‘ in Latin refers to the constellation of stars.

We aspire to be a boutique family business advisory firm offering family office services and solutions in the Asia Pacific region.

In fulfilling our vision, our clients’ longevity and transgenerational potential are nurtured through professional advice and an effective support system based on trust, reliable and ethical conduct and high regard towards safeguarding our clients’ and their families’ interest, wealth, assets, business health and familiness.




Globally, past studies have shown that only 30% of businesses will successfully move to the second generation, of out of this, only 12% advances on to the 3rd generation. From there, only 4% will move to the 4th generation.

Family businesses are an essential segment of the Malaysian economy, but they face many challenges such as:

  • internal conflicts

  • trust issues

  • succession planning

  • wealth management

  • preparing their next-generation leaders?



BinaPavo has invested in building unique entrepreneurial capital mainly related to talent, intellectual property and social capital over the past decade, which positions the firm as a leading family business advisory firm in Malaysia.

Further, we have built the aptitude and understanding of both conventional and Shariah-compliant solutions. For instance, we educate our clients on the fundamental understanding and differences of a will (for non-Muslim) and wasiat (for Muslim), an instrument regarded as the least to establish in managing inheritance and estate administration, up to the education and awareness for family philanthropic legacy namely the utilisation of family trust and family foundation (on-shore and off-shore) and the relationship of these structures with the virtuous acts of sadaqah, zakat and waqf, solidified by effective family governance system and values.

Our 4-PILLARS ADVISORY FRAMEWORK addresses the major concerns, issues and challenges of family businesses.

Pillar 1: Development

Pillar 2: Succession

Pillar 3: Investment

Pillar 4: Tax Planning

We are unique because we are a “boutique” firm.

We take time to listen to our clients through numerous iterations with our clients to understand their hopes, fears and dreams.

We are the only family business boutique advisory firm that understands the dynamics of a family business and its culture and values.

We stay with clients for the long term, maintaining and protecting our clients’ interest and well-being as “trusted advisors” to the extent that we become the clients’ confidant and provide perspectives and views that are sincere, honest and truthful. We uphold our fiduciary duties with high integrity, professionalism and independence.



BinaPavo provides a spectrum of strategies to augment the well-being as well as communication, cohesion and continuity (3Cs) of families in business and families of wealth.

BinaPavo does not carry any ‘products’ like financial products offered by banks or financial products requiring licenses from Bank Negara Malaysia or Securities Commission such as unit trusts, fund management, and others.

We focus on advisory as process consultants ensuring harmony, boundaries, and integration between the ownership, family, and management dimensions of the family business or family office. When there is a need for ‘products’, we will work with strategic partners, consultants and experts who provide them.

Our offerings can be organised into three main categories:

  1. Family Strategic Plan
  2. Family Governance setup and implementation
  3. Family Council setup and implementation
  4. Ownership and Management Succession
  5. Wealth Management (Preservation, Distribution, etc.)
  6. Legacy Planning (including Trust and Foundation Services)
Training and Development
  1. NextGen Programme
  2. FB-Go-Global
  3. NextGen Circle (Coaching & Network)
  4. Customised learning and development programmes for owners, management team and employees
  1. Asia Pacific Family Business Summit (annually)
  2. Family Business Seminars and Workshops
  3. Malaysian partner and representative for international and regional forums, summits, seminars, etc.



We have built a strong and trusted brand and track record in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region, not just among family businesses but also with the public sector, agencies, and academia.

  • Book publication and book chapters: We showcase entrepreneurial leaders and family business founders, including their next generation.
  • SME and Industry Talks / Seminars: We undertake an average of 6 per year
  • Clients: We undertake up to 5 to 7 cases per year, depending on the complexity and the engagement period with the client.
  • Seminars:  
    • African Family Firms            
    • Pakistan Institute of Business                   
    • Malaysia SME Economic Conference Series                  
  • Workshops:
    • CIMB BEST program
    • ADFIM
    • MDPC
  • Networks:
    • Family Business Circle, Malaysia
    • Family Office Alliance, Malaysia
    • Family Firm Institute, USA & Asian Circle
    • STEP Project for Family Enterprising (Asia Pacific, USA,               
    • Latin America, Europe, MENA)



Families in business and families of wealth are typically very private, even for those who own public-listed companies. When it comes to communication within the family and among family members, there can arise issues and conflicts which can harm trust and harmony. Problems and disputes that affect the family will affect the business and ownership. These matters can be complex and complicated and may require a specialist to moderate and assist in discovering appropriate solutions in the family’s absence of capabilities and competencies.

Just as it is essential to plan for the business, it is also critical to plan for the family to ensure harmony, trust, communication, cohesion and continuity across generations and a lasting legacy. We aspire to build lasting legacies (Pavo) for “our families”. Legacies that will last more than a hundred years. Hence, the ‘right’ customers for our advisory services are those who desire to construct their family, business, wealth and philanthropic legacies.

We have dealt with family businesses from small to large and in various types of industries and sectors. No family is the same as another. The dynamics, issues and challenges faced by families are different. Thus, advising families in business and families of wealth requires patience, long term orientation and personalisation. More importantly, we ‘walk the talk’ as we come from families in business and have implemented the measures we have taken with our own families to our clients.

Though our main focus is on family business advisory and next-generation development, we have corporate clients seeking our services, too, for training and development, consultancy, and projects.



Given that the ‘right’ customers for our advisory services are those who desire to construct their family, business, wealth and philanthropic legacies, our approach is as follows:

Value Proposition: “Trusted Advisors” consisting of a team of behavioural scientist, management consultant, financial advisor and legal advisor

Customer Relationship: Fiduciary, Professional, Personalised, Private, Independent

Key Activities: As per our 4-Pillars Advisory Framework

Key Resources: Combined unique entrepreneurial capital particularly related to talent, intellectual property and social capital of our founders and team of advisors built and accumulated over the past decade

Revenue Model: Our offerings are packaged as fee-based advisory services and depending on the nature of the requirements, complexity and duration of the required work, the fee is either formulated based on man-hours, day or monthly basis or as a retainer (annual basis)

We understand our clients are busy, and we want our services to them to be hassle-free. Hence, we provide our clients a one-stop solution by having a network of partners we work closely with – we streamline our services and corroborate with our network of partners.



In Malaysia, almost 70% of businesses are family-owned, and the majority are transitioning to the second generation. Most businesses were set up in the 1970s.

Assuming approximately 920,00 total establishments according to the Department of Statistics, Malaysia’s Economic Census in 2017, family-owned businesses can be estimated to be around 644,000. Further, the Census reported that there were 13,809 large companies in 2017 contributing more than 71.5% of Malaysia’s Gross Output, of which there are approximately 9,600 companies which are family owned businesses.

Our nation is a developing nation. Thus, the advisory services that BinaPavo provides are unknown to many unless the client had his or her education in developed countries in North America, Western Europe and financial hubs in the Asia Pacific such as Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. We believe that the strategic growth and longevity of family businesses in Malaysia is critical to the nation’s political, economic, social and technological development.

Further, the business markets in Malaysia have been served mainly by large banks and financial services providers, including large accounting, tax and legal firms. However, these large firms may not want to handle complex and complicated family-related matters involving trust, emotion, and relationships that BinaPavo is dedicated and willing to address. For instance, an effective succession, whether ownership or management succession, may require an average duration of 10 years.


Referring to our 4-Pillars Advisory Framework, our direct competitors include:

  • Private banks (private wealth management)
  • Trustee companies
  • Law firms
  • Accounting and tax firms
  • Financial planning and estate planning firms
  • Management and human resource consulting and training firms

Our key differentiation and competitive edge reside in our business model, demonstrating that we provide unique, boutique, personalised and niche advisory services. Further, we have collaborated with many competitors, thereby building a healthy and conducive ecosystem that will assist the strategic growth and longevity of “our families”.


We are currently raising RM1,000,000 via this ECF to be utilised in the following manner:

40% of the funds go towards:

  • Automating and digitalizing systems, processes and services
  • Organize the Asia Pacific Family Business Summit in August 2021
  • Organize webinars, Masterclass seminars and workshops

50% of the funds go towards

  • Working capital to meet cash flow requirements
  • Expanding team with highly skilled talents and competencies

10% of the funds go towards:

  • Stepping up marketing and promotional activities to improve nationwide market penetration



To be a leading business advisory firm for family enterprises and multi organizations, and, a specialist in formulating and executing strategies for growth and sustainability.



The founders, Dr. Mohar Yusof and Dr. Leilanie Mohd Nor have invested more than RM400,000 in the past 7 years.



The brand of kCommerce (M) Sdn Bhd which is owned by second generation family business leaders i.e. Dr. Mohar Yusof and Dr. Leilanie Mohd Nor. The business advisory firm has invested in building unique entrepreneurial capital particularly related to talent, intellectual property and social capital.



Dr. Mohar Yusof


  • Dr. Mohar Yusof is a Gen 2 family business having served his father’s business groups (IT solutions, microfilming, manufacturing, O&G services) since 1992, and more than 10 years of entrepreneurial & directorship experience.
  • Dr. Mohar is an internationally recognised Business & Family Office Advisor, where he focuses on consultancy and advisory for family businesses and coached next generation leaders. He is also a council member at Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG). To date, he has trained more than 2,000 entrepreneurs of various sizes and various sectors
  • Dr. Mohar is the Grand Winner, Outstanding Entrepreneurship Mentor, Ministry of Education Entrepreneurial Awards, 2018.
  • He is the first recipient, Waesche Family Scholarship, Certificate in Family Wealth Advising, Family Firm Institute, USA.


Dr. Leilanie Mohd Nor

Group CEO / Director

  • Dr. Leilanie Mohd Nor is a Gen 2 family business. Her forte is on next-generation leaders’ development, communication, values, trust, conflict resolution and family entrepreneurship, with a knack for marketing and psychology.
  • She has designed, led, trained, coached and/or facilitated entrepreneurship-related programmes since 2009 and trained more than 1,500 entrepreneurs and professionals using various andragogy and approaches such as design thinking, business model canvas, business model validation, blue ocean strategy and various other business tools.
  • Dr. Leilanie holds a BA in Telecomunication from Michigan State University, USA; an MBA and Ph.D. in Management from UNIRAZAK Malaysia (a joint programme with Toulouse Business School.
  • She is certified TTT “Certified Entrepreneurship Educator” programme by Babson College, USA: and earned her “Professional Certificate for Entrepreneurial [email protected]” programme by UCD, Ireland, and endorsed by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. Dr. Leilanie is also a Certified Train-the-Trainer (2020) with the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF), Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia.

Emillio Daniel

Creative Director / Director

  • Emillio Daniel is a Gen 3 family business and budding entrepreneur creating ventures focused on the creative industry.
  • He received his BA in English & Creative Writing from The University of Iowa in 2018 where he also received the Darwin T. Turner scholarship award.
  • His competency and passion in content creation contributes towards BinaPavo’s compelling content. Emillio also provides content for The New Straits Times newspaper. He is a copywriter and project manager for several creative agencies, including the music industry, higher education, film, e-commerce, and many more.

Dato’ Zulkifli Mohamad | AMK, AMN, DSDK

Director, Business Development and Marketing
MOFAZ Group of Companies

  • Dato’ Zulkifli Mohamad, possesses over 30 years experience in the tourism, hospitality, telecommunication, automotive and advertising industry as top management positions and advisors to several large companies, large family businesses and government agencies.
  • Dato’ Zulkifli’s graduated from MARA Institute of Technology (UiTM) in Computer Science and then furthered his professional academic qualifications MBA from The Oxford Centre for Leadership, United Kingdom. Dato’ Zulkifli was Corporate Advisor for The Oxford Centre of Excellence based in Kuala Lumpur.

Dr. Teressa Nathan Wallesser

Co - Founder / Director
Walthan GmbH (Switzerland) & Walthan Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Director, Business Development and Marketing

  • Dr. Teressa Nathan Walleser co-founded Walthan Groups, together with her spouse and brother, where she was instrumental in creating ERDANO Online Portal for customised mechanical parts.
  • She had served as industrial expert panel for the European Commission, DG Research & Innovation and active member of Swiss Corrosion Group in Switzerland.
  • Dr. Teressa obtained her degree in electrical engineering from the University of Multimedia (Malaysia), Master of Science (M.Sc.) Materials Engineering and Mineral Resources at the University of Science (Malaysia), and PhD in Engineering from University of Nottingham.


Dr. Joseph Tang  

Vice President
Experience Global Asia Sdn Bhd

  • Dr. Joseph has extensive experience in business operations, organisational change, customer experience, organisational effectiveness and facilitative leadership. Over 25 years of leadership and management experience in private and public sectors, including manufacturing, trading, construction and government organisations in Australia and across South East Asia Region.
  • Joseph holds a bachelor degree in Civil engineering from the University of Melbourne and a MBA from La Trobe University, Australia, with a DBA, focused on family business succession planning, continuity and sustainability.



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