A Property Management Company with no racial bias, low deposit and insurance protected!


Jubie Property Management is a start-up company that offers rental accommodation and investment opportunity in property business. Jubie was founded by two real estate negotiators who passionate to make a difference in the world of rental accommodations. Mellissa and Hudai first started by underlining the problems that they have faced along the way of being a negotiator. Therefore, a team was started and more skilled members join willingly to gain experience to make the reality come true. Although facing with the challenges with the MCO restrictions and competitions, Jubie never stop trying to be different than other accommodation provider.

Step by step, strategy was discussed and action was planned. However, to expand a market of supplies, jubie needs massive cost to make the accommodation as comfortable and wholesome as possible. 


1. Expensive Deposit- The deposit to secure the house can cost around 4k-6k. This have been the very first issues we outline

2. Racial Bias- We often hear the racist landlord coming out on the news. The racial discrimination is not only effect our professional services, but it can effect other countries view of Malaysia due to the fear of renting the property to foreigners

3. Limited Resources-  Universities and big companies have a limited number of affordable hostel with great comfort. It is time consuming for them to search places for the tenant while running a business


1. Community-based - Jubie Roomz gives the public a chance to rent a home with great comfortability, Landlord & Tenant Care Services, and Two Methods of Deposit

2. Equal Opportunities- No matter what nationality you are, Jubie Roomz welcome the public with an open arms. With "Insurance Program for Tenant" the landlord will have the benefits insured to protect the belongings and house conditions

3. B2B Partnerships- We are aware there are companies and universities who needed help to provide and maintain a hostel accommodations for their staff. Jubie will take part in becoming the panel accommodation home for the businesses employees and students


"Our main focus is to 'sublet' landlord property and rent the accommodation towards businesses that provide their customer / staff / students accommodation:-"   
  1. We offer equal opportunies to any race and ethnicity to rent with comfort and without worries.
  2. We offer insurance protections to the tenant and landlords in exchange of low deposit.
  3. We currently developing website member registration to logged in to our website to check their bills and pay monthly rental online.
  4. We will be the third party handling the tenants, where landlord can have the ease to relax and received monthly rental managed by us.
  5. We partner with our members from overseas and promote our brand to people who will come and stay in malaysia either as an expatriate , international students or to visits and be a trusted accommodation services worldwide.



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