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The Early Years

Jtel Marketing Sdn Bhd was established in 2002 with the initial objective of becoming a prominent player in the electrical and electronic household appliances eco-system.

The early years saw Jtel undertake the marketing and retailing of few local and international beands like Kitchen Aid, Senheisser, Coby, Agip, Sub-Zero, Dzon, Beta.

Leben is a globally recognised household name, and we provide consumers with high quality home appliances. In Malaysia, we have presence in the regions Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Perak, Kedah, Pahang, Penang, Melaka, Sarawak, Negeri Sembilan, Perlis, Sabah.

For more than 10 years, Jtel Marketing focus on distributing Kitchen Appliances such as oven, kitchen ventilator and even bathroom water heater in Malaysia, under the brand of "LEBEN".

The Brand - LEBEN

Founded in Germany in 1989, Leben is internationally synonymous with outstanding technology and excellent craftmanship. Through continuous innovation, precise engineering and technology, Leben has become one of the leaders in home and kitchen appliances brand in Europe and Asia over the years. Simply yet elegant, Leben appliances make every kitchen an art space with its concise design and aesthetic reflections of life.

Leben was registered and marketed in Malaysia since 2008 by Jtel Marketing Sdn Bhd. During the last decade, we have grown from strength to strength to become one of the leading and trusted built-in kitchen appliances in the country.

And today, Leben is focus and in the "Water" market and promise the provide the best water solution for the public. Leben continuously strive to be the source of practical ideas that make water solution better and easier, so that you have more time and also healthier lifestyle to spend on the people and things you charish most. 

We believe every innovation, new technology and service we provide has to have a simplifying purpose, to make life's best moments all the more "simpler" and satisfying. We have variety of capacities, categories and prices to suit your needs and budget.



The Problems Customers Faced When Choosing A Water Dispenser:

•   High Maintenance - Filter or purification systems require regular monitoring, cleaning, replacements, and careful handling

•  Long-term Contract - Most water dispensers require a 3 to 5 years contract that will incur cancellation fees

•  High Cost - Outright purchase of water dispensers ranges from RM2,000 to RM3,000 with additional cost to maintain

•  Not for Everyone - Most of the water dispenser rental services in the market need to do credit checking (eg : CTOS) and also have to do credit card binding. Thus, not everyone can own a rented water dispenser.



Renting and Sharing will be the trand and also the future of the society. the new Market need flexibility for anything, and only access to goods and services when they are needed. Biggest benefits of Renting and Sharing concept:  Cut Cost, Reduce Waste, Added Convenience.

Making Lives Better - The Modern Solution We Can Provide

• Easy Maintenance - LEBEN providing free maintenance, installation, and services to keep your drinking water healthy.
• No Contract Binding - We offer yearly renewable rental plan for water dispensers with a new unit replacement every 3 years. High Flexibility and commitment free!
• Value For Money - Outright purchases of Leben water dispensers cost between RM1,000 to RM2,000 

• Everyone can own - No credit check needed, no credit card binding and no long term contract needed 

• Low Cost Rental - We offer low cost water dispenser rental, as low as RM45. Low barrier makes everyone can enjoy clean and healthy water



The Doulton Ceramic Filter
Leben Water Dispenser Uses The World Renowned
Doulton Ceramic Filters

A Proven Brand You Can Trust
♦  175 years of experience
♦  Enhanced anti-bacterial action
♦  High efficiency filter
♦  2x longer lasting
♦  Retains essential minerals
♦  No power required

The Water Dispenser​​​​​​



The Achievements We Have Made As The Business Grows

  279 Business Served
  Served clients from Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Perak, Kedah, Pahang, Penang, Melaka, Sarawak,     Negeri Sembilan, Perlis, Sabah

  2x Increased Revenue
  Our water dispensers sales revenue has doubled in the span of 2 months

  30% Cost Saved
  Leben is now well-established and does not require operating cost as high as before



Subscription Business Model

Subscription business models are based on the idea of selling a product or service to receive monthly or yearly recurring subscription revenue. We focus on customer retention over customer acquisition. In essence, subscription business models focus on the way revenue is made so that a single customer pays multiple payments for prolonged access to a good or service.

•  Subscription businesses involve selling a product or service and collecting recurring revenue for continuing to provide that service or product.

•  Able to charge our client yearly, strong recurring revenue.

•  One of the easiest and most direct subscription business models, with no hidden charges.

•  Market needs for this business model is increasing rapidly. Instead of paying big amount of money upfront, most of the people choose installement/subscription plan.

Sole Distributor

Jtel Marketing is the sole owner and distributor of Leben products in Malaysia.



Market Size

  136.5 Million (SEA households)
  Number of estimated households in targeted parts of Southeast Asia

  5.6 Million (Malaysia housing stocks)
  Number of existing housing stocks in Malaysia as of Q1 2019

  1.5 Million (Selangor housing stocks)
  Number of existing housing stocks in Selangor as of Q1 2019



We aim to be globally recognised as a household name. We target and market ourself to be one of the most trustable Water Filter and household brand in the market.

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