Turning Cities into Classrooms, its Residents into Teachers and Lifelong Learners


Joyfolk is a peer to peer learning platform that is focusing on real world skills. Lessons are designed and led by inspiring individuals. They go beyond typical workshops or classes by turning any personal or public space into a conducive classroom and immersing learners in each teacher’s unique world. As a result, they are more connected, empowered and inspired to grow collectively together. It’s an opportunity for anyone to pick up and share their hobbies, skills, or expertise while meeting up with new people. 

Turning any conducive space into learning environment with class creation tool and curriculum support. 4 Levels of Joyfolk's Mastery Learning concept with teachers that accommodate to each level of learners and their goals. Web and mobile optimisation features that ensure flawless learning, teaching, communicating, and managing experiences.

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