A membership platform that enables creators to fund their creative work by selling and curating their expertise directly to their audiences.




Joyfolk is a simple way to organize, monetize your creative expertise and build predictable income.

You can receive paid video call requests, create live group sessions, offer memberships, sell your products and receive ongoing contributions directly from your audience, fans, clients, and communities.


Being a digital creator is challenging.

It's time and energy-consuming to produce high-quality content, engage with the audience, and earn a sustainable living at the same time and whenever you want to offer or sell something, it's hard to communicate and promote it efficiently.

Usually, you have to stitch a lot of apps together, back and forth emails, dm me, pm me. There's simply no way to track and manage all of that, period.


Meet Joyfolk, a membership platform that enables creators to fund their creative work by selling and curating their expertise directly to their audiences.


You can now get paid video call requests from your clients, followers, and communities. It's really easy, just set up your page with the title of the call, set your availability, Joyfolk checks your calendar and only accepts bookings when you are free.


Then, just share your Joyfolk link anywhere on the web to get instant bookings. You get paid for your time, and your audience gets their engagement with you.

We also enable creators to design, promote & sell their own full-fledged courses where creators can host awesome live group events in any format. You can host either one-time, multiple dates or ongoing sessions, online or offline.

Fill up your sessions before it starts and give early bird discounts with your own promo codes.

With Joyfolk memberships, you can earn  recurring monthly income by offering members only sessions, group chat, exclusive posts and access to a backlog of your best content.


We are on track to achieve RM120,000 by the end of this year.

We have been growing more than 6 times organically with more than 70,000 minutes of sessions unlocked.

This is done with only a prototype, 3 people, and no paid ads at all.


Our platform is designed with community feedback for creators of all kinds. From rising talents to big influencers, from individuals to organizations, from for profit to non-profit entities.

Our main target audience are nano-creators who have 1k to 10k following, yet we also manage to attract big name influencers such as Mizz Nina, Faralyna Idris, and Norsoraya to name a few.

We also worked with many forward thinking organizations such as School of Skateboarding Malaysia, Mindspace, Kickstart Gymnastics, Wadah and businesses that commission sustainability such as The Green Factory and Olloum to name a few.

Any kind of creators can use Joyfolk. Basically, anyone and any organizations with an audience are our potential users.


It’s completely free to get started. We only receive a small percentage once you start earning on Joyfolk.

We are introducing Joyfolk Pro where creators can pay a monthly subscription fee to get 0% platform fee.

With these, everyone can enjoy 0% fee on contributions, all features, marketing support, and unlimited usage for video calls.


The market is shifting from mega influencers to nano-creators.

A nano-creator is someone that has 1k - 10k following and are often people who have a lot of influence within a very niche community. These rising creators are seen as more authentic, engaging, eager to promote, and easy to scale.

Nano-creators market is a whopping 1.8 billion dollars globally and in Malaysia, it's RM54 million.


Today is easier than ever to start earning online on your own and there are a number of platforms out there.

Leading the pack is virtual tutoring and e-learning platforms.  Then there is a blended learning platform that combines online and offline.

Lastly, there are membership platforms.  

We position ourselves to be a mix of all of these. Because through community feedback, our creators want all of these.


We are raising RM1 Million of investment for 15.13% shareholding. The investment raised will be used for business expansion (OPEX 30%), marketing (40%) and technology enhancement (30%).



"We are on the mission to help 18,000 nano-creators earn at least MYR3K/annually or RM250/monthly by 2023 with a total transaction value of RM54 Million".

We believe that in the future, almost everyone will work for themselves. We are here to help them achieve that.


Our angels are experienced leaders who believe in us and our ideas.

They ensure us to practice good corporate governance while maintaining sustainability and transparency.

We are alumni of YC Startup School, Watchtower and Friends, and Alpha Startups Accelerator


Musfirah Mohd Asri

Musfirah Asri, the CEO has been a creator all her life. From selling DIY notebooks, fundraising for people affected by poverty through baking, creating dialogue-based comic books and sold to friends, representing her school for dancing competitions and directing college dramas, leading community projects across South East Asia, and presenting local and international brands on social media. She herself is a nano-creator who really understands the needs of digital creators to earn in this era of talent economy.

Musfirah has a dream to end world poverty which she discovered when she joined a volunteering project done in Indonesia post the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami at 14 years old.

Growing up, she commissioned that dream through studying agriculture. She graduated with Diploma in Agribusiness and Landscape Architecture at Kolej Professional MARA Beranang and received MARA scholarship to further her studies in Degree of Agriculture with Honours in Animal Science at The University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

Today, she's still commissioning her dream to alleviate world poverty with her team at Joyfolk by empowering people to work for themselves and live a life by earning doing what they love while inspiring joy to others.


Muhamad Azrul Abd Aziz

Azrul Aziz, is Joyfolk's rockstar CTO. At 21, he founded an indie band with his friends called Tres Empre. He was the lead guitarist and through this band, they toured South-East Asian countries.

Azrul started becoming interested in coding at 23 years old. During that time, he founded a clothing brand named VLTR and learned coding by himself to build the website for his clothing business.

He studied Information Technology at Open University Malaysia and worked as system administrator at T-Systems Malaysia, then as a full-stack developer at Stubapp.

We complement each other to be great and we got what it takes to deliver the needs of our users and stakeholders.


Najmy Naim, the Chief Creative Officer founded his first business which was a music and event space, Gudang Noisy Studio at 17 years old. Noisy became one of the most sought out places for independent bands to jam at and they held a lot of gig concerts there.

He tasted the performing scene at the best of both worlds when he founded two indie bands as a drummer. He then enrolled in UiTM to study music performance, education and composition. His major instrument was viola. He worked his way up to become the principal violist and was a freelance sessionist for local and international artists. He performed at orchestras such as National Youth Symphony Orchestra, Bentley, Orkestra DiRaja UKM and UiTM and at Royalties' events' ensembles.

Najmy was a music teacher, coordinator and program director at international schools around Kuala Lumpur. Namely, Brainy Bunch International School, Fairview and The Little Gym Malaysia. He created modules, events, and programs for teachers, parents and students alike.


Featured by amanz.my and techsemut.com for being the Top 3 Finalists in the PEDAS Pemecut Digital hosted by 1337 Ventures and Leet Academy.

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