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At Joyfolk, we make life easier for digital creators to earn more by doing what they love and build direct meaningful connections with their audience.

After launching our MVP early last year, we've managed to achieve more than 1300% organic growth. We focused on maturing and finetuning the product by talking with our early users, learning more about their pain points, and analyzing their behaviors using Joyfolk so we know what features to build.

We have achieved almost 120,000 in total revenue. This is all done with a team of 3 and no paid ads at all.


People nowadays are flocking into becoming a digital creator, why? Because all of us fantasize to have that freedom of doing what we love and earn passive income from it. But the reality is far from it.

It's time and energy-consuming to produce high-quality content, engage with the audience, and earn a sustainable living at the same time and whenever digital creators want to offer or sell something, it's hard to communicate and promote it efficiently.

Usually, they have to stitch a lot of apps together, back and forth emails, DM me PM me. There's simply no way to track and manage all of that, period.

Take YouTube for example.

Firstly to be eligible to monetize your channel you need at least 4,000 watch hours with 1,000 subscribers. Then only you can start earning, and after all that hard work, you'll only get 1 to 2 dollars per 1,000 views. In what world is it not enough when you have 5,000 audiences within reach to earn a sustainable living from? 

That's why it's really hard for creators to really engage with their audience, plus there's a risk of demonetization and creators fall victim to the ever-changing algorithm on these ad revenue platforms.

Now, what if we could translate the number of our followers into our monthly income?


Meet Joyfolk

A platform where creators can monetize, organize and grow their community face to face.

Creators can offer live engagement as a service by taking in paid video call requests and offer two-way Livestream sessions. Leading folks on activities that they enjoy while getting paid for their time and expertise.

It's an all-in-one monetization and engagement tool that helps creators to earn more and grow more while retaining full creative control.


It's actually really easy, this is how it works. 

Just set up your available time, day and put a simple description of your services, and set your price. Let your audience pick a time and date that is suitable for them and voila!

Just hop in calls on any device or browser. Creators get paid for their time and audiences get to engage with their favorite creators.


We also enable creators and influencers to design, promote and sell their own full-fledged virtual sessions. Where they can host awesome live group events in any type of format, online or offline.

Creators can host either one-time, multiple dates, or ongoing sessions. They can fill up their sessions before it starts by giving early-bird discounts with promo codes.

Creators can also offer memberships, build a direct mailing list, and accept direct contributions from their loyal fans. We make it easy for them with integrations of Zoom, Google Calendar, PayPal, and Stripe.


It’s completely free to get started. We only receive a small percentage on every transaction of sessions.


Since Day 1 we have been championing creators. They lead potential customers to us by using their Joyfolk link on their social media. It's a win-win-win for all parties. 

We also run affiliate and ambassador programs where creators can receive lifetime commissions when they refer another creator, and we also help out on educating, creating, and curating their digital media content.


There are quite a number of tools out there for digital creators to earn and monetize their social presence. Our closest competitors would be Superpeer, Buymeacoffee, Airbnb Experience, and Gumroad.

What makes us stand out is that creators can have just a one-page instant website to grow their community face-to-face, sell events, receive support, and offer exclusive memberships directly to their social audience. It's an all-in-one monetization and engagement tool for creators. 


There is a huge underserved market in the digital creator's industry, and the biggest one is the up and rising nano creators. A nano creator is someone that has 1k - 10k following and are often people who have a lot of influence within a very niche community. They are more authentic, engaging, eager to promote, and easy to scale. 

Nano creators market is a whopping 1.8 billion dollars globally and in Malaysia, it's MYR 54 Million. Our best scenario is to serve anyone with an audience to be our user. 


Our Chief Creative Officer, Najmy started his own business at 17 years old. He has done lots of youth projects in his past, he is full of ideas that come up every 5 mins but luckily he's able to make them come to life.

As for the CEO, Musfirah she has been creating all her life, from selling DIY notebooks, baking, leading community projects across Southeast Asia, presenting local and international brands on social media, and as a movement creator herself, she needs to be able to take full creative control of her work. 

Both Najmy and Musfirah have done lots of projects together since 2004 and they complement each other to be great.


We are raising from a maximum of MYR1 Million for a 15.13% stake of the company to help us get 1,000 creators onboard with MYR 3 Million in revenue by the end of this year and MYR 54 Million by the end of 2023.

With the funds raised, we would use it to get more awesome creators onboard, pushing new features, and expand our team.


We are Joyfolk. We are helping underserved independent creators, to earn more, while making a meaningful impact on their communities. 

So, if you think empowering independent creators is a priority, come and join us.



Featured by amanz.my and techsemut.com for being the Top 3 Finalists in the PEDAS Pemecut Digital hosted by 1337 Ventures and Leet Academy.


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