JomParkir Sdn Bhd is a leading technology company providing 21st-century solutions for a century-old problem, PARKING.




JomParkir Sdn Bhd is a leading technology company providing 21st-century solutions for a century-old problem, PARKING.

Focusing on propelling innovation and competitive edge, JomParkir provides end-to-end digital parking solutions that aim to change the parking landscape in Malaysia by providing users, parking operators, local councils, and enforcers with the latest technology in the industry.

With humble beginnings since 2015, JomParkir has pioneered the parking industry with evolving solutions that resulted in the following products and services;

  • JomParking®
  • JomForce 
  • JomValet 
  • JomAgent 

To date, JomParkir has over 400,000 registered users and 5 million transactions annually as it diligently makes its mark locally and globally to revolutionize the parking industry. 

JomParkir has gained traction in Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka to name a few as it champions the stringent parking business challenges of today’s comprehensive on-street and off-street requirements whilst creating innovations that will help shape the future of the parking industry and smart cities.   

Join us as an equity investor and be part of history in the making as we champion to be the first and largest Vehicle-to-Anything(V2X) tech company in Southeast Asia.


  • Top 35 finalist 2018, AmBank BizRACE Entrepreneurship Challenge 
  • Best IoT Startup 2018,  Malaysia Rice Bowl Startup Award
  • Malaysia Top 5 finalist 2018, Most Innovative financial technology product, FinTech Finals Pitch Competition 
  • Best IoT Innovation Award 2018, Cradle Coach & Grow Program season 4 (CGP4)
  • Top 10 Selangor Accelerator Programme 2019, Selangor Information Technology and E-Commerce Council (SITEC)
  • Cradle Startup Ambassador Award 2019
  • MARii Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) Scale Up Programme 2019

ConsumerParking is, and has always been, one of the great Malaysian woes.

There are a total of 149 local councils nationwide providing a myriad of parking machines, payment methods, and systems. This results in inconvenience to users as it can be time-consuming, confusing, and a hassle.

This is evident in the recent trend of local councils providing individual (Whitelabel) parking applications for different locations.

Local Councils and Private Entities

High CAPEX investment and ongoing maintenance costs can pose a challenge for local councils, parking operators, and stakeholders alike to yield a profitable and high return of income. 

The traditional parking coupon and ticketing systems do not provide real-time reporting, parking, and user insights as well as collect data. 

This in the long run will result in inefficiency and poor revenue collection.

The traditional way of enforcers validating one's parking payment can be time-consuming and requires a high volume of manpower. 

Considering one of the key incomes of local councils includes on-street parking and compound collection, it would benefit the councils tremendously should there be a solution to increase enforcers' productivity and efficiency in a more systematic manner.


Unified On-Street Parking Application for Local Councils Nationwide

Our solution and system architecture are designed as a highly scalable model that can be easily integrated into existing local systems with the added advantage of system upgrades and maintenance. The beauty of our system lies in the user-friendly dashboard that enables partners and stakeholders to manage, collect, and analyze events and information to identify trends and interpret data. 

The benefit of integrating our system with existing systems includes;

  • Revenue increment
  • Cost reduction
  • Unified system 
  • Increment and sustainment of users 

Sustainable Ecosystem Catering to all Industry Players 

JomParkir provides a sustainable ecosystem that provides end-to-end parking solutions for all industry players and stakeholders including but not limited to local councils, parking operators, and developers to name a few. 

Our sustainable ecosystem will allow industry players to enjoy the following benefits;

  • Real-time parking and enforcement data recording 
  • Analytics of events and user information 
  • Systematic enforcement system 

API Integration with a Complete Cashless Payment Solutions

In our bid to provide the very best of services to our partners and stakeholders, JomParkir enables API integration to ease business partnerships as well as UX. Our API integration allows seamless data, application, and device interaction. 

We also provide a complete cashless payment solution that includes key e-wallets players, online banking and many more.

Value Added Services 

We aim to provide value added services within JomParking application to encourage user activeness. JomParking is equipped with a “Marketplace” that is in support of our goal to be the leading V2X tech company in SEA. This value added services enables consumers to enjoy multiple V2X services within a single app such as car insurance, domestic ticket reservation, 24 hours battery emergency and exchange service to name a few. In addition, our high user volume enables us to provide location based advertisements for merchants and partners.

JomParking® Industry Overview


JomParkir ProductJomParking® is a user-friendly smart parking app that provides a hassle-free parking experience that is fast, cashless, and safe. With the highest rating in AppStore and PlayStore, the app allows users to go cashless with a myriad of payment options. Available for both on-street and off-street parking areas nationwide, the app is fully integrated and allows users to receive real-time notification on their parking status to avoid parking summons.

JomForce is a product and service that caters to enforcers. The system enables enforcers to validate parking transactions via real-time reports through a custom build device and software that is more effective as enforcers are able to monitor civilians' parking statuses systematically.

JomValet is a mobile app for valet operators to manage their parking services more competently. With configurable tariff and fast deployment, the app provides an efficient way to track all issued tickets with real-time reports. This results in a smooth and more feasible operation as parking operators can prevent revenue leakage and save up to 30% of their operating costs.

JomAgent is a digitalised portable e-ticketing system that provides an eco-friendly system. With the implementation of JomAgent's system, local councils are able to reduce their CAPEX & OPEX by 20%. This promising system is an efficient alternative in support of green technology.

Centralize Parking Management System

TRACTIONParking Transaction
User Growth

Expansion Coverage : Malaysia

On-Street & Off-street Parking

Expansion Coverage : Regional


Our customers are B2B oriented and include local councils, parking operators, private entities, and developers. JomParking is currently engaged with customers from the following countries:

  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • Saudi Arabia

With the implementation of our digitalized parking system, our clients are able to reduce their CAPEX and OPEX by at least 20%.


Zero Commitment 

  • Zero CAPEX for clients as hardware and software development will be borne by JomParkir. 

Revenue Sharing 

  • High gross parking revenue 

Value Added Services

  • Collective performance info and insightful analytics data in a centralized parking management platform. 
  • Chargeable in-app advertisement placement.



Malaysia MarketThe parking industry market size in Malaysia is worth more than USD 3.8 Billion.

As Malaysia’s urban population reaches over twenty five million, smart parking solutions have a major role to play in bringing about improvements in convenience, congestion, urban mobility, lower costs, and delivery of practical information and intelligence.

SEA Market

This is evident in the trending implementation of street parking charges in SEA countries, alongside increment of underground parking lots to systemize parking behaviour and reduce parking congestion.


Market Positioning



We are currently raising RM 5 million with 35 million pre-money valuation from pitchIN investors to be utilized in the following manner:

35% of the funds go towards marketing:

  • Advertising and promotion
  • Exhibition and conference

25% of the funds go towards product development:

  • Features upgrades
  • UI/UX upgrades

20% of the funds go towards Capital Expenditure(CAPEX):

  • Hardware
  • Server upgrades

10% of the funds go towards regional expansion:

  • Setting up JV companies with local partner for ASEAN countries expansion 
  • Expanding team with young talent

10% of the funds go towards strategic resources/connection:

  • Enhancing and strengthening partnership and collaboration with brands within the mobility industry

Our VisionOur Mission

The company’s vision is to be the leading Vehicle-to-Anything (V2X) tech company in Southeast Asia. The vision is supported by our strong belief in forging win-win strategic collaboration from parking to all vehicle-related industry partners.

Strategic goals that we wish to achieve include, leading the digitalization of the parking industry in Southeast Asia, building the first vehicle data exchange in Southeast Asia, and spearheading the parking industry’s transition in adopting the Smart City concept.



JomParkir successfully secured the Cradle CIP500 grant in the year of 2017 to better commercialize and market our products to other Southeast Asia countries.

In addition, the company secured an additional RM 4 mil capital from Kairous Capital in the year 2018. Kairous Capital is a regional private equity and venture capital investment firm focusing on mid-sized company investments in Greater China and ASEAN regions.



Muhamad Nasir Habizar – CEO & Founder

  • 8+ years experience in Celcom as System Analyst
  • Serial entrepreneur with more than 16 years running business experience centred on Information & Communication Technology (ICT), SMS content, and mobile apps development.

Rozaida Ali – Director and Co-Founder

  • 6 years of experience in sales and marketing focused on Information & Communication Technology (ICT), SMS content, and Information Technology (IT).
  • 4 years of experience in the print business.
  • 4+ years as an F&B entrepreneur.

Management Team

JomParkir's management team is 9 members strong. We are a young, energetic, and passionate team aiming to revolutionize the traditional parking industry in Malaysia. The team consists of passionate individuals who strive towards expanding Malaysian made Technology into Southeast Asia countries.


JomParkir is a leading tech company in the parking industry. We have been featured in local and international news outlets and won numerous prestigious awards.


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