JC Engineering Synergy Sdn Bhd or better known as JUTA is a design, fabrication, servicing & maintenance provider of specialized vehicles. Founded by two founders - Keith Leong and Karen Tham in 2015; Juta offers a range of services that is specialized for organization and companies which are dealing in the transport of materials and goods. 

We have been fabricating specialized vehicles such as Palm Oil Tanker, Diesel Tanker,Petroleum Tanker,Chemical & Latex Tanker, Tipping Trailer,Cargo, Container and many more. We provide a solution that is very unique and robust as many of our clients needs vary depending on the industry that they are in.

As such we are committed in providing an excellent service and also support to our clients; by ensuring their logistical fleet can cater to the materials that they are transporting.


With the rise of the pandemic in 2020 many businesses are feeling the effect of a slow down business. True can be said in regards to manufacturing and production as social distancing and guidlines imposed makes it difficult for operational plant to continue in normal capacity. 

Regardless of this, the demand of raw material and transport is still growing; heavily in fact due to the rise in manufacturing demand which requires raw materials. Transporting these raw materials require specialized vehicles, and the demand is surging but the timeframe needed to manufacturer a specialized equipment such as the holding tank, partitions, and other chemically specific requirement are labour intensive. As such, businesses such as ours require good and additional manpower in order to grow.

The current method of developing these specialized vehicles are also costly as many of it requires a production line and machines to custom build them with the proper specification. It is not a one-size-fit-all product which can be mass produced. Although the front vehicles and cargo can easily be baught at selected automotive company their cargo or storage compartment are usually custom made to fit the materials and goods that they are transporting.


At JUTA; we design and fabricate our own specialized vehicles. Be it for oil, chemical, latex or any sort of raw materials; we are able to design and fabricate it upon the clients requirement. We create our product locally and we try to use as much local materials as possible in order to reduce the cost for our clients. Our product are made to last, and importantly able to transport goods safely in any type of enviroment. This is because oil, latex and other chemical and goods that are being transported requires different type of storage enviroment to ensure that the materials are not contaminated and are damaged in any kind of way during transport. 

We are confident in our products and its durability as we are comitted in ensuring that all our end product goes through a rigurous quality control procedure to ensure that it is safe, reliable and doesn't break down. 


Specialized vehicles made to clients needs and requirements. We design, fabricate, service and maintain specialized vehicles based on our clients requirement. Our entire product is made to specification and testing to ensure that it is safe, reliable and wont break down easily. We ensure that our client gets the best service possible with an abundant of customer support to ensure that once they receive their specialized vehicle that they do not need to worry about it for a lifetime. 


Since our founding in 2015; we have served countless clients and made countless specialized vehicles for various industries. Many of which are our returning customers. Of course, we are trying to increase and grow our scale of operations so that we are able to get new businesses in to grow the company. 


Our products are serviced towards a large group of organizations both big and small. We are a b2b business as our product is not meant for your average consumer. A lot of what we do is specialized based upon different industries from oil and gas, plantations, construction, chemical companies and many more. To say the least; we are providing a solution which is critical for our client to manufacturer and ensure the raw materials they need arrive at their plant in perfect conditions.


Our business model is segmented into 3 parts which are Design, Fabrication, and Service and Maintainance.


We offer specialized vehicle design based on clients requirement. Every clients need is different and so is its load and capacity requirement. As such, we design them based on the specification required and ensure that is safe for transporting goods and also safe to be used on the road.


We fabricate specialized vehicles in-house at our factory. Everything is locally made by our team of experts to ensure the upmost best quality products are produced. 

Servicing & Maintainance

We provide servicing and maintainance of specialized vehicles; where we not only provide normal maintainance but also ensure that after maintainance that any leaks, cracks or wear and tear are treated straight away to ensure the durability and safety of the vehicle.


Our primary target market are businesses such as oil and gas, latex, chemical, construction, and pail oil companies. As many of our specialized vehicles are widely used in their day-to-day operation which runs through 24hours daily. Our current market is also highly locallized towards Malaysia at the moment and we hope to change that and also expand within South-East Asia as we firmly believe on the capability and quality of our products. 


In the current market place that we stand, we are not the only company which produces specialized vehicles and this is partly because of the scale of operation that it needs to serve multiple clients. Our competitors hold positions either in traditional market where they produce the same specification in batch and focuses only on 1 type of specialized vehicle as compared to our more customize solution. With that in mind, we are confident that our uniqueness will continue to allow us a firm grip on the market with a leading edge.


We have been self sufficient since our incorporation in 2015 and have invested heavily ourselves in the business. Now we are looking towards growing it even further and to scale the business faster in order to be able to provide clients with more order capicity than we have right now. 

Hence we are currently doing our first ever round of fundraising from the public to assist in scaling the business.


To be the largest specialized vehicle fabricators in the market. We want our customers to experience the reliability and innovation that we have perfected over the years to be the most outstanding product that they can trust.


Keith Leong
Founder / CEO
With 20 years of experience Keith, has an abundant experience in engineering and design. He has been adamant in the growth of new advance technology and development.




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