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Software development company that specialize in financial market analytics and robo advisor and fintech industry. The proprietary iVSAChart is a fintech theme trading software analytics for the novice/experienced investors alike. The system provides bullish and bearish signals based on strategies designed and rigorously tested by Martin Wong, founder of iVSAChart System. iVSAChart is an online web-based EOD(End of Day) charting system that allows users to perform analysis anytime at anywhere. iVSAChart is a powerful user-friendly system. It creates an unfair advantage for its users over other traders by screening the entire market for highly potential stocks within seconds. Leveraging on the latest trading alogrithm technologies, iVSAChart is packed with tools and features that will allow users to perform analysis at a simple click of the mouse.

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almost 4 years ago by Martin Wong

iVSAChart VSAchart is the place to go to if you want to follow the “Smart Money”. It is designed to help investors, new and experienced really get a grasp on following “Smart Money” to make wise and educated decisions when buying stocks. You don’t want to “go in alone” and that is why you can use iVSAchart for all your investment needs. What is 'Smart Money' Smart money is cash invested or wagered by those considered to be experienced, well-informed, "in-the-know" or all three. Although there is little empirical evidence to support the notion that smart-money investments perform any better than non-smart-money investments do, many speculation methods take such influxes of cash very seriously. BREAKING DOWN 'Smart Money' Because insiders and better-informed speculators typically invest more, smart money can sometimes be spotted by greater than usual volume, especially when little or no public data exists to justify it. Knowing who the smart money is and when and where they're investing can be of great benefit to retail investors who want to ride the smart money's coattails. The design of iVSAchart software analytics is really easy to use and easy to look at. Take a look at the features: Profit Guider, responsive alert indicators, End Of Day Charts for relaxed trader’s mind, colors coded market strengths/weaknesses. These tools are designed to put your mind at ease when making a trade. What you used iVSAChart on the internet, it is something you can take with you anywhere you go. In fact, it’s sleek mobile design helps you to view charts on the go, so you can travel anywhere and view these charts from wherever you are. It has a very responsive proprietary price and volume indicator as well. Its visual tell-all stock screener gives you up to date information on the stock and helps you make better trading decisions. Most other software are hard to see on your phone, and difficult to download, however, with iVSAchart.com, it is non-messy and updates automatically. This definitely is for all levels of the playing field! It’s easy to use interface helps many investors trade be like Tom William, a very skillful and experienced ex-syndicate trader. I encourage you to read about him. Most people investing for the first time have fears and uncertainties about the stock market however. It’s okay to have these fears because this is the reason for the software analytics, iVSAChart. Just think back to a time when the stock market didn’t seem so volatile. I can assure you that listening to the media and “talking heads” creates most of the things you believe about the stock market. So take what you believe about the stock market, use iVSAChart and you will see that your opinion will change.

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