IRS Software is a business software development company in Malaysia which was established in 2002. We specialize in business IT solutions such as Cloud Accounting Software, Cloud POS, Point Of Sales System and F&B System.

Alaya Cloud Software Solution provides with a powerful and comprehensive one-stop solution for medium to large company internationally. Alaya Cloud Software provides a competitive advantage, optimum financial management and faster ROI (Return on Investment) through offline and online platform – New Retail Solution in real-time to help expedite decision making, integrate the process with our solutions that scale along with the business growth.

Alaya Cloud Point of Sale (POS) System is a cloud-based system that uniquely formed for all retail stores. Alaya Cloud POS System allows the business owner to run the entire order fulfilment process from offline to online, or online to the offline, we call it as a new retail solution, o2o strategies. Business Intelligence (BI) is a visual display that consolidated all your data and arranged on a single screen. High-level summaries, concise, concise, clear, and intuitive display mechanisms and customized for a given person, group or function. Alaya Inventory and Warehouse Management System is our main unique feature as their function can help you to automate processes, reduce manual work and hasten your logistic working process, it is highly effective software for wholesalers and distributor. Alaya Cloud Accounting Software gives people the ability to obtain reports in real-time and work from any location with an internet connection. There is no need to install accounting software on your computer or server.

IRS Software has solution such as Multi-Store Management System, Restaurant POS System for café, steamboat restaurant, Japanese restaurant, Chinese restaurant, Kiosk, Pub, Cafeteria, Kopitiam, Coffeehouse, Pub, Bubble tea business and etc, meanwhile we do supply POS System for hardware stores, beauty salons, pet shops, accessory shops, bookstores, stationery stores, boutiques, laundries, organic shops, music schools, optical shops, souvenir shops, photograph shops, camera shops, motor shops, tea houses, hand-phone shops, vegetable, fruit stores, florists, toy shops and etc.

In addition to POS system functionality, there is an inventory management system which helps to order based on stock levels and selling rate. This will make sure that the store will never to run out of popular items. Along with this is a vendor management system that provides better communication between the user and suppliers. A loyalty or membership program can reward loyal customers while boosting sales.

Besides software, IRS Software also provides barcode scanners, cash drawers, thermal printers, Card Reader, Retail IT Equipment, and other business equipment. Good customer support is often a decisive factor in selecting POS systems in Malaysia. IRS Software offers after-hours telephone support, installation assistance, and training.

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