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Founded in 2019, Intercon is a FMCG company specializing in distributing local and imported Halal Food Products. Intercon's unfair advantage in the halal food products distribution company with its own set of pre-existing strong partners and utilizes a unique 3rd party logistics provider system that hybrids both the sale of other company's products as well as our products and encompasses a complete ecosystem to cater to both ambient and cold chain products that allow us to cater to every segment of the business. 

  1. First and foremost, there is a shortage of good, reliable halal distributors in the market.

  2. The turnaround time for B2B arm of business takes too long as companies often faced with on the ground logistics. 

  3. Stores not situated in or around the Klang Valley or other major towns and cities around the country and not sufficiently catered for 

  4. Many of the companies involved in the halal food products distribution industry do not fully understand customers' needs.

  1. Intercon is halal food products distribution company with its own set of pre-existing strong partnerships with linkages throughout the country.

  2. We utilize a unique 3rd party logistics provider system that hybrids both the sale of other companies' products as well as our products.

  3. Intercon encompasses a complete ecosystem to cater to both ambient and cold chain products, and this allows us to cater to every segment of the business.

  4. The recent shift in consumer acceptance for FMCG food has provided an opportunity for us to meet the surge in demand by the local consumer and a chance for us to grow our business by organically expanding our products' reach and range and through mergers and acquisitions.

  5. In all, we are best positioned to dominate the marketplace with our market knowledge and greater access to retailers, wholesalers and hypermarkets, which, together with our niche as a master distributor, will help us obtain better margins as well as control of the products.

  6. Intercon is led by Rafiq Moosa (sole owner), who has more than 25 years of experience in the local F&B industry space and is well supported by a group of people who are well versed in the Fast-Moving Consumer Foods business (FMCG) 

  7. With a combined experience of more than 50 years in the FMCG industry, Intercon believes in leveraging the power of partnerships to generate the energy that fuels growth, innovation and creativity.



Market knowledge: We have a better understanding of local consumers' preferences and can respond to them faster with the latest product innovations

  •  Access :

Intercon encounters minimal difficulty accessing the retail, supermarket and hypermarket clients as many of the key management members were formerly operating in the same industry. For example, the current established brands like Gardens, Nikudo Seafood, & Yoki have engaged us to distribute their products due to our better understanding of market requirements. The longstanding experience they bring forth will enable them to register a higher yield on their sales

  • Niche Market:

As a Master Distributor with a large and varied portfolio of new and upcoming products, we are focused on working with SMEs that do not have the exposure to retail but can grow. For instance, the current operators like Ad-Deen, Sharifah, Arisprop, Wafi'z, Hauz Boom, Kincir Mas, [Agus] & Che'Nor brands choose to work with us because we can assist them in building their brands as well as manage their products much more effectively and efficiently and thus directly affect their bottom line.

  • Better margin & control:

At the same time, we have also launched our product line under the brand name "Raffie", which are available across most of the better-known grocery chains, supermarkets, hypermarkets and local distributors across the country



  • Around a fifth of Malaysian household consumption expenditure is spent on the FMCG segment, making it one of the country's most important consumer goods sectors. 

  • With rising spending power and population size, Malaysia's FMCG market is projected to grow year on year. The robustness of this industry was shown during the COVID-19 lockdown - the nation's FMCG industry grew at a much higher rate in 2020 than in the previous years.

  • Local brands are usually favoured in the FMCG food sector. The local producers usually better understand local consumers' preferences and respond faster to meet the local consumers' tastes.

  • The movement control order during the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted Malaysian consumers' in-home and out-of-home spending.

  • Due to the limited online purchase options for groceries, Malaysians still prefer to shop directly in grocery retailers such as their nearest local grocery and supermarkets. 


The main competitors for Intercon are DKSH, QSR Trading Sdn Bhd, SCC GROUP OF COMPANIES and LAYHONG BERHAD


The shareholders currently fund the company. In December 2020, the shareholders subscribed to new shares of Intercon, which increased the paid-up from RM1.4 million to RM2.4 million. In addition, we intend to raise equity further, up to RM5.0 million of RPS by way of ECF, to part-finance the anticipated increase in sales growth.


Intercon aspire to be the preferred halal products trading house in the FMCG space



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