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Halal Trekker is owned and operated by Infotech Trekker Sdn. Bhd. (1246179-A) – KPL/LN5365. Our mission at Halal Trekker is to make it easy for Muslim travelers to trek the globe. Halal Trekker ensures the accommodation you book with them are Muslim friendly, guides who are sensitive to the requirements of a Muslim traveler and tours and activities that are in line with the travelers' beliefs.

Halal Trekker's mobile application incorporates artificial intelligence to assist travelers with places of interest, nearest mosques and halal eateries. We're all for making it easier for you to travel. For travelers, booking a hotel that meets your criteria is within a few clicks of a button. For tourism providers such as hoteliers, guides or cultural centers, this platform provides the opportunity for your business to be viewed and booked by travelers. Travel definitely broadens our horizons and our understanding of the world. That’s why we’ve been working very hard to provide the best travel experience for our fellow members. 

Book online at Halal Trekker, and leave the rest to us! With your booking, you’ll receive the local prayer times for the duration of your stay, a list of Muslim-friendly and Halal restaurants near your accommodation and Mosques which are within your vicinity. You can book accommodation, and even cultural activities such as heritage walks, city tours and other experiences which are Muslim-friendly.

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