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We are a professional salon having our fixed premise in Seremban 2. Our aim is to bring profressional hair service and products to local community at affordable range. Our team comprise of experienced hairstylist and business developer.

As our goal is to provide professional service and products to our local community, we need to have some tools to provide good business analysis view to continue to steer our salon business to gain bigger traction to provide better service statisfication while able retain value of money to our customers.

To seek such a aim, we neesd a POS (Point of Sales) system design for salon and beuty industry. Realize that most of the POS system out there unable to fully fulfill our requirement or out of our budget range, we decide to develop our own Cloud POS Application. We named it SalunPOS which the Salon is spell in Malay language.

We are currently continous to develop to refine and improve our SalunPOS App features. Our framework is really for production use, and on new feature will be introduce gradually. We are planning to include this feature in future release:

  1. Customer Online appointment webpage integration
  2. Improve data loading and ui performance.
  3. Inventory control.
  4. Voucher/Promotion control.
  5. Membership.
  6. Salon staff clock in/out.
  7. Payroll application integration (look forward to www.kakitangan.com)
  8. More reports

Current released key feature:

  1. Beutiful administration interface.
  2. Appointment manager.
  3. Customer invoicing.
  4. Tax Invoice PDF.
  5. Staff commission reports (Fully adopt to Malaysia Hair Salon practice)

Our salon serve the community and we also hope we can share our beutiful SalunPOS to the salon industry community as well. To support our salon industry newplayer, our plan is to give one year FREE use of our SalunPOS applcation.

We pledge for any partner that are willing to work alongside with us to bring Salun.Pos to another level.

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