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iFIBER is start-up telco company that supplies gigabit-speed broadband connectivity to homes primarily in the suburbs of Malaysia. It offers data, IPTV, and VOIP services from various internet service providers. It installs and operates an open access fiber network that supports a host of new services, such as downloading latest movies, games, and music; streaming live HDTV; reducing phone bill by making calls over the Internet; working hassle free from home; video conferencing; and enhancing home security through monitoring and other services.

iFIBER is not a service provider but infrastruture provider that simply installs the fibre infrastructure to the home. Residents can then choose from a number of Internet Service Providers for internet packages with a competitive prices. The open access nature of the network prevents the duplication of infrastructure and drives down prices for the end-user.

iFIBER portal allow you to choose the service provider and the package that you want. Easily change between providers and packages as your needs change. iFIBER gives you choice and convenience. Leave contracts in the past and pick month-to-month services.

Cyberjaya is the 1st iFIBER Gigabit City project and plan to expand to 50 cities and suburbs in Malaysia within next 3 years .

iFIBER introduce iFIBER Gigabit School Program, to install Free 1Gbps (Gigabit per second) fibre broadband connection to every registered primary and high school that pass when deploying our network covering suburbs in Malaysia. Once installed, schools can choose from a variety of internet service providers on the iFIBER network to receive free uncapped internet connectivity.

iFIBER believe by connecting school to gigabit internet will help to drive demand for fibre internet within the communities.

  • Wan Mohalina
    Managing Director
  • Shaharin Saman
    Chief iFIBER

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