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  • IDRISSI International School is the ASEAN’s Model Eco-School, accredited by Cambridge and rated 5-star for Quality Standards Award for Private Education Institutions (SKIPS).
  • The school which only had 50 students in the beginning has now become the choice of over 500 students crossing continents.
  • 5 years after its inception, IDRISSI raked in 550% increase in revenue compared to the total earned in 2015.
  • IDRISSI is looking for equity investments from RM500k up to RM3M to continue growth.
  • The growth plan will be fuelled by the current ECF round and a future funding round in 2021 before planning the IPO debut in Bursa Malaysia by 2024 at a target Market Capitalization of RM187 Mil.
  • Following its strategic expansion plan, IDRISSI will open a new campus in EduCity, Johor and establish a chain of premium schools in 5 years.
  • IDRISSI empowers students to embrace learning, achieve their personal best and build their emotional, social and physical well-being who care for the earth and uphold the positive life values.


There is a big issue that cuts across urban, suburban, and rural districts that does not seem to be improving - that issue is the quality and policies surrounding primary and secondary education in Malaysia.

Externally, myriad stakeholders from self-righteous parents to policy-makers at the State and Federal levels hurts the quality of education across the population spectrum.

On the other hand, there is a perception that teaching standards have declined in national schools. In a Malaysiakini report, parents reportedly identified quality of teaching as a key concern for sending students to national-type schools.

The inconsistency in education policies, as well as other government changes, has resulted in a major change in the shape of the international schools market in Malaysia. Since 2009, the total number of students attending the international schools has increased by 80%; the majority of which are local Malaysian children.


IDRISSI School is a homely eco-school that offers International and Malaysian National curriculum, rapidly expanding to two campuses – Setia Alam and EduCity.

As a tribute to nature, we practise composting, care for pet goats and chickens, and recycle waste materials. Meanwhile, the basketball, futsal and football courts offer the children the chance to run around – before, after or in between classes.

IDRISSI is a school for youths and children to develop creativity, a school that does not limit thoughts and expression and a school that is in one with nature. It is a place where human values are nourished and exemplified in all facets of school life.


Nature-Based Preschool

IDRISSI Nature-based Preschool is a licensed kindergarten under the Ministry of Education Malaysia, following the mandated kindergarten curriculum in an innovative nature-based outdoor and indoor play learning concept with life values principles of learning. It offers an after-care service for parents who wish to pick up after school hours.

The preschool offers wonderful adventures that await children in every corner. To fuel children’s natural wonder and make learning more vibrant, our corner-based learning is bookless and using skills-centric mediums. Personal Learning Assistant (PLA) is available to support better learning experience for special needs children one to one.

Primary School

Students are free to explore their interests and learn in a bookless medium to provide comfortable and wholesome learning with UK-based curriculum. Their well-being is ensured and their right respected in a fun and homely environment.

We remove one-syllabus-fits-all to develop a future generation that is flexible and sustainable generation.

Secondary School

IDRISSI Secondary School offers a UK-based curriculum with a unique blend of extra-curricular programs for a wholesome and enhanced learning, life values and experiences for our students.

Students are highly encouraged to take up leadership roles in the school’s daily activities such as organising or becoming key members of school events. They are also given opportunities to volunteer and develop their humanitarian skills that complement their traditional learning from the various programmes we offer in our curriculum.


IDRISSI School prepares dynamic individuals through education beyond classroom that enables them to grasp important life skills. It is only possible with the infusion of Value Education Programme (VEP), Financial Literacy Programme (FLiP), Robotics, Skill & Fill, and Eco-Scout into the syllabus.

The school is affiliated with global recognition programmes for students such as Junior Award Scheme for Schools (JASS) and The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (DofE).

Students are provided with over 30 after-school clubs selection to indulge themselves in anything they are passionate with. Summer holiday programmes and summer school programme are also available for students to occupy their time with fun and beneficial activities.


Within 5 years, IDRISSI has built a valuable brand through its achievements. What started out from 50 students in 2015 has grown tenfold to more than 500 students. In recognition of this achievements, IDRISSI has been awarded with a number of awards including a 5-star recognition for Quality Standards of Private Education Institution (SKIPS) by Ministry of Education, Malaysia and was ranked Top 5 international schools in Selangor with annual tuition fees between RM10,000 to RM20,000. Among other recognition of IDRISSI’s achievements was in 2018, when it was recognised as The Best 10 International School in Malaysia and in 2019 when it received The World’s SME Best Brands Awards by the BrandLaureate for Education category.

Throughout these achievements, IDRISSI continued to post strong results as the revenue of the company grew 550% within 5 years from a modest RM1.5Mil to more than RM9Mil in 2019.



IDRISSI School is a community within a community. Founded by individuals who are parents themselves, the school practises a three-sided partnership where teachers, parents, and students all assume a shared responsibility to make the school a success.

Due to this philosophy, we have seen tremendous growth from a humble beginning of 50 students in 2015 to a tenfold increase to more than 500 students in 2020. Based on our current growth momentum and our expansion plan, we expect that our student body will grow to more than 5,000 students across 6 campuses within the next 5 years.

Business Model

We are one of the most affordable International schools around town. Our competitive fees are charged annually and it has allowed our revenue to grow tenfold in the last 5 years. Our value-for-money proposition has been recognised as being the Top 5 International School in Selangor with annual tuition fees between RM10,000 to RM20,000.


Data from the International School Consultancy Group (ISC) has shown that the international school market has been experiencing a stable and healthy growth over the past decade. In 2013, ISC had reported that the international school market had clocked in a total revenue of about USD 35 billion from fees alone. Currently, there are over 7000 international schools around the world that is catering to the needs of approximately 3.5 million students. This rapid growth is also reflected in Malaysia with its rise that has been influenced by many factors.


The future growth of this market seems to be reflected in the establishment of two new education hubs known as Education City in Kuala Lumpur, and EduCity in Iskandar, Johor Bahru. These two hubs will function and cater to provide high-quality, internationally-oriented education for everyone from expatriate families to locals. They will be the main centres for education from kindergarten level up to tertiary education.


Today, more local families are earning better incomes as a result of the middle-class boom. Many working families from the lower income group are rising as middle class earners. This makes them more than capable to seek out a better quality of life, which includes better quality education for their children. As a result, more local parents from the middle class are also able to place their children in international schools.


The growth of international schools in Malaysia will continue to increase tremendously in the foreseeable future. Teaching and learning materials at international schools are of high quality, a necessity to fulfil all learning objectives. This is something that public schools have difficulty in providing. This may be also one of the reasons why more and more parents are turning their attention to international schools. Though it may be more costly for parents, we have observed that they are willing to shoulder the costs as their children will be receiving quality education in a quality environment provided by quality teachers.

Competition Landscape of IDRISSI

(A)     Demography of Students: No of Students by Country

(B)     Demography of Students: No of Students (Local & International)

Competitive Advantage & Strengths

How is IDRISSI School different?

IDRISSI School is a homely eco-school that puts the essence of home in every child’s heart at school. Strong bonding between parents and the school allows parents to involve closely in children’s progress at school. The school makes a stable environment with low turnover.

Teachers are given constant training in order to suit the needs of students from time to time. Learning out of the classroom (LOTC) is mainly used as the methods of teaching at IDRISSI School, with activity-based lesson such as excursions or eco-scout yet still covering the main syllabus. IDRISSI School offers competitive fees amongst top international schools in Malaysia.


IDRISSI is looking for equity investments from RM500K up to RM3M to continue growth. The investment funds will mainly be utilized to build the new campus in EduCity Johor Bahru and to fuel the marketing and operations on its Setia Alam campus. The goal in the next 5 years is to build 5 premium schools in Malaysia and begin the journey of international expansion by building 1 new school outside of Malaysia.

The growth plan will be fuelled by the current ECF round and a future funding round in 2021 before planning the IPO debut in Bursa Malaysia by 2024 at a target Market Capitalization of RM187 Mil.


Zaliza Alias

Founder & Creative Educator

Bachelor of Education (TESL)

25 years of experience in Education industry:

  • CfBT (Centre for British Teachers)
  • British Montessori Preschool
  • Idrissi International School
  • Sekolah Tinta
  • Eduventor Teachers Academy


Co-Founder & Infra Developer

More than 20 years’ experience in architecture and Geographical Information System.

  • YTL
  • Nova Sprint (Perbadanan Putrajaya)
  • Founder of Assist10 Sdn Bhd (project management company to serve as supporting pillars for all the schools in GAINS Education Group)


Director since 2016

Guiding policies and financial plans in GAINS Education Group.

More than 20 years’ experience in Finance & Investment.

  • Bank Negara
  • TA Investment Management
  • Shoraka Group of Companies



Director since 2016

Guiding strategies and corporate governance in GAINS Education Group.

More than 10 years’ experience in supply chain management and downstream optimisation.

  • Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)









































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4 months ago by IDRISSI International School

Listen to the sharing by our Group Chief Executive Officer and Chief Finance Officer in this video.
(Note: The video is an excerpt from our Live FB broadcast prior to the MCO).

It is said that a more challenging adventure awaits for businesses around the world. However for education industry, it remains as a thriving essential business providing important community support to grow the nation. Inshaa Allah.

Alhamdulillah with the loving support from all parents and relentless hardwork of the team, IDRISSI School has weather its challenging period at the onset and grow the following 5 years with various achievements and recognitions.

Moving forward as we see the important needs to grow further for the community, we would like to share the good news with everyone :-


Our exciting investment opportunity is now open to all, including members of IDRISSI School team and families, education enthusiasts and anyone who has interest in investing for the better of our future education in Malaysia. Your contribution will be securely processed through a licensed equity crowdfunding platform, pitchIN at bit.ly/idrissi-ecf.



5 months ago by IDRISSI International School

IDRISSI was built because we believe every child should have the choice to enjoy education, and we believe that education itself needs a change. Now we are in the effort to raise funds for IDRISSI to leap forward and we would like you to be part of it.

Join our directors and investors next Saturday. They will be here to gladly answer all your questions and share their experiences of investing in IDRISSI.

Kindly RSVP at bit.ly/IDRISSISchoolECF-PRELIVE

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