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iCYCLE and our patented Internet Of Waste Things (iOWT) app had successfully enabled consumers, individuals and organizations to track, monitor and update their performance in their recycling activities. We bridge data and community engagement to combine 3R, Internet Of Waste Things (iOWT), artificial intelligence (AI), big data and block chain in our daily life.

By tackling and managing waste from Household and Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) waste, we have been collaborating with international partners in contributing to community and environment both local and global market.

iCYCLE enjoyed early success as a start-up under MMU Start-up scheme in 2018, which first formulated in May 2016.  We have successfully grown a start-up company into a profitable business with a spectrum of collaboration with local municipal councils, corporate offices, retail operations and industries in the past 3 years, at the same time helping the world to reduce CO2 emission by 271,771.19 kg, that is after successfully collecting, processing and recycling/upcycling/repurposing 891,856.64 tonnes of recyclable material, and our own patented iOWT app tracks and traces these data real time.

Recently, we had been awarded for Nouveau Award 2019; in conjunction of the GBS Iskandar Awards by Khazanah, a sovereign wealth fund of the Malaysian Government, through Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB).

We are confident with our current aggressive sales lead and approaches, we would able to forecast our future growth.

We are looking for business expension and preparing for IPO or LEAP listing whichever we qualified first, but year 2023.

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