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HYPERGEAR is a international sporting goods brand that is founded in Malaysia. HYPERGEAR have been at it for over ten years, crafting multi-functional, modest, fashionable and minimalist products.

We are a company with a clientele base extending to Europe, US, Japan, Australia and other countries in South East Asia. We are an enterprise with more than 300 distribution retail points and sales channels worldwide.

HYPERGEAR produce bag that not only carry your stuff but also protect your gadgets from damage by water. We have full series of waterproof accessories such as waterproof back packs, duffel bags, dry bags, sling bags and waist pouches that go the extra mile.

Our retail points extend to ecommerce stores and platforms, boutiques, departmental stores, chain stores, loyalty program redemption and dealers. We have made sales of over 300,000 pieces of waterproof bags.

Our main activities include R&D, branding, marketing, retail and distribution. We are a company headed by a team of experts in entrepreneurship and other professional talents from related industries. We have bagged three awards; a show of our determination, hard work and quality products.

We are projecting to scale our sales worldwide through e-commerce and O2O, the new retail model.


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  • Jack Lee
    Co-founder & Managing Director
  • Simon Lee
    Co-Founder & Executive Director

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