Way to Your Heart: Making you Absooolut-ly GREAT Mexicana Food



Would you want something that is common and taste so-so OR would you want something rare and taste really delicious?

Absooolut Mexicana Food Empire is bringing authentic, delicious home cooked Mexicana cuisine to Malaysia. You will smell the aroma of delicious home cooked food by visiting our Food Truck or make an order and we will deliver food to customer's door steps. We are friendly owners who have been in Customer Service industry for the past 7 years. We will not just sell our food, we will sell our service. Did you realise I said Food Truck earlier? Yes, we are not a restaurant, we bring our Food Truck to customer's place. 

We know Malaysians absooolut-y love food. Malaysia has variety of awesome Malaysian cuisine's influenced by Malay, Chinese & Indian. We have the famous nasi lemak, asam laksa, mamak mee goreng, putu piring, roti canai and many more. We never get bored of our Malaysian food. Well, while we have that, here comes all the fast food restaurants that almosts sells the same thing over and over again. We need something different, something authentic, something delicious, something that is kept up to the expectation all the time.

Let's be honest, how many fast food restaurant's food taste the same as they were back in the days? Same portion is now sold much expensive than before or you get a smaller portion for then same price. How about the taste? Meh..

Here is where we come. We realise all these problems and we have decided to being in Mexican cuisine that will be homecooked only and sold in Food Truck. Why Food Truck? Why not a restaurant?

It is because due to Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses are closing down, restaurants are mostly allowed with SOP and preferably take aways. Things are changing and we should adapt to the change. Having a restaurant can be costly for example to have a complete restaurant, it may cost about RM150K-200K, plus rentals, utilities, staff salary and so on. Having a Food Truck actually cuts all those costs because with that money, we could get our own fully equiped truck with all the ovens, chiller, stove and everything. With Food Truck, we can travel anywhere to serve our customers. If its just an outlet, we may get customers around the area but out of that area, people may not come especially during Covid.

Our idea is instead of customers coming to us, we go to customers. 



Too many brands in Malaysia with common flavours & fillings

There are many Mexican food restaurants in Malaysia. When it comes to Mexican cuisine, one of the food in mind is delicious Tacos. Problem is that, there are too many common tacos even an international brand like Taco Bell sells taco that looks almost like a MC Donald's burger. 

Take a look at customer's reviews below. Some who have not eaten Tacos from Taco Bell are actually looking forward to it. Some don't really give good comments. 

Inconsistent taste or quality

When it comes to these types of restaurants, the taste and quality is always different. Images can be deceiving. You may say the below image actually looks good. Maybe it does, but do you get exactly the same when you walk in to the restaurant? Maybe you do, but how often do you see the same quality of food? How about other outlets? In 10 outlets, how many outlets are actually consistent in terms of quality and taste?

Price & quantity

Have you feel that you are paying extra for something lesser now compared to before? Or, paying higher price for the same portion? Well, you are not alone. Price may change from time to time because all restaurants would want to cut cost especially during this pandemic. Even if the pandemic is over, it may not turn back to before because paying more for something lesser would then become a norm. 

What is added into the food?

Often, we eat something that taste good, we pay and walk off but have we ever wondered if it is processed heavily with MSG, preservatives, additives and harmful chemicals? 



Our flavour and filling

We are coming up with a unique way of making delicious menus that is not seen in Malaysia until today. This will not be a common flavour or filling that you see on existing Mexican food you have here. We promise you that!

Our taste and consistency

Our taste will always be authentic, delicious and our quality of food will always be up to customer's expectations. We do not want a one time customer, we want repeated customers. 

Our price & quantity

Our price will always be the same for the same quantity of food. We want happy customers. When we have happy customers, we get repeated customers, when we get repeated customers, more people will get to know our brand.

Our quality of food

Our food will be homecooked with no added MSG, preservatives, additives or harmful chemicals. We use only herbs and we would like to retain the authentic flavours. 

AND... Our food will be HALAL for sure



1. Absooolut-ly Cheezy Tacos (beef/lamb)

We will have 2 sizes of Tacos - 8 inches & 10 inches

8 inches will be sold at RM10.50

10 inches will be sold at RM13.50


2) Gummy bear chilitos, Rainbow strip chilitos, sour plum chilitos

How long ago have you eaten gummy bears, ribbon strips, sour plums or any of these kind of sweets? How about with a twist to it?

These will be sold at RM3.00 per cup.

These will be our 2 main best sellers. We will add more menus in future based on customer's feedback. We do not want to create what we want, we rather create what customer wants. 



As our food is Halal, our customers will be all Malaysians. As we are having Food Truck, we will have our own Facebook Page. We will have our daily routine on areas where we will be selling our food. As government has announced Wilayah Kuala Lumpur & Putrajaya is free to trade anywhere for 5 months, we will not limit ourselves to just one area. We will maximize our capacity to reach as many customers as we can during the 5 months period. 



Being the first to have a fully authentic Mexicana flavoured food, we may get people who will copy what we. Be it, street food sellers or existing fast food taco selling restaurants, we will have competition.

We have reached out to IP companies to enquire on how we can keep our trade secret to ourselves just like how KFC & Coca Cola did. We will trademark our brand, food names and register our trade secret with MyIPO to ensure that we are protected. 



We are looking to raise RM650,000 in exchange for 13% equity. The proceeds will be allocated as follow:

1) 4 Food Trucks fully equiped with kitchenwares, chiller, & stove

2) Trading license

3) Hiring & training staff with basic culinary skills

4) Food stock

*Other costs may incur such as trademark & copyrights, lorry driving license for staff

We hope to win people's hearts and not just be the best, but be the Number 1 preferred Taco brand in Malaysia. Over the next few years, we will build a large customer following and it be a big favorite.  It will be our pride and joy to bring all Malaysians an authentic Mexican flavoured taco that tingle the senses and sate the appetite.  The goal of our brand is always to serve the finest, fresh, authentic, home cooked Mexican cheezy tacos with the best ingredients, resulting in a top quality culinary experience.

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