nobody does ribs like howdy



It takes a special kind of lovin’ to skivvy up the perfect rack of pork ribs: The kind that’s decadently smoky-sweet, charred in all the right places, and just unbelievably pull-off-the-bone tender. And here at Howdy, we’ve got that down like a fat kid on a see-saw.

Our love story with the grill began in humble settings; where one man had one dream to share his passion for grilled ribs with everyone. His ultimate goal was to create a signature ‘Kuching Style’: one that would forever tantalise taste buds with the nostalgic flavour of Home. This was no easy feat, but he pushed on, experimenting with countless cooking and marinating techniques until he discovered the optimum conditions which birthed Howdy’s Signature “Smoky Racks” – That unique ‘Kuching Taste’ that strikes a perfect balance of succulence, smoky-sweetness, local relish and nostalgia .

8 years later (and counting), we can definitely guarantee that ‘Nobody Does Ribs Like Howdy’. It’s not just the taste that sets us apart. It’s the fact that behind every stellar rack of ribs, is a team utterly committed to the labour of Love, the makings of Art, and most importantly YOUR comfort in a delightfully cosy, urban dining atmosphere for adults and kids alike. So come on down to Howdy Grillhouse. Make yourself at Home. We promise you’ll understand why ‘Nobody Does Ribs Like Howdy’.

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