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Uber-like healthcare services is a web-based innovation that broaden the ability of medical personnels to provide not only home-based medical services, but also can monitor patients through IoT. Platform operator like Dr. House acts as the intermediary / "match-maker" by hosting home visit medical personnels which it has prior evaluated on its system for its members who have registered as patients to request home-based medical services. The platform monetises in term of commission and management fees paid upon successful payment.

Solving a problem

Dr. House (House Call Medic Sdn Bhd) was launched in April 2017 to solve longstanding problems in the healthcare industry. More specifically, the inefficient process of sourcing a reliable healthcare personnel for home visit or monitoring patients at home.

Family member not free, unpleasant travelling to medical centre, parking lot hunting, long waiting time, inadequate interaction and poor follow up are all the problems everyone facing now when seeking medical services. That’s why Dr. House which founded by a group of medical professionals, IT experts and experience entrepreneurs, aim to leverage the latest healthcare technology and IoT to fillings the gaps of needs in the ecosystem.

Dr. House helps patients to find home visit medical services such as doctor house call, nursing care, physiotherapy at home, nutritionist and etc. On the other side of spectrum, medical personnel are able to provide their customized home visit medical services and monitor their patients via platform. There is a security / assurance feature on both sides: all medical personnel and home visit requests are extensively verified for legitimacy and authenticity.

Main Features

For medical personnel: supported by Dr. House Clinic and its branches in terms of legal and supply. Our lead marketplace lets them to view home visit requests which they can access via prepaid credits. Meanwhile, the Patient Management Tool with IoT integration allow all medical personnel to monitor their own patients anytime, anywhere.

For patients: Users can request for house call medical services anytime, anywhere by using our mobile app. At the same time, users can monitor own family members’ health condition via build in monitoring system and get support forever. Additional services such as medication delivery, online consultation, medical logistic and e-support also available for users.

  • Dr Chong Shin Thong
  • Dr Niew Yi Long
  • Dr Lau Hau Ming
  • Wilson Fo See Hau
  • Dr Tan Kim Leong
  • Wong Syi Ren
  • Chin Teck Piaw
  • Dr Yee Kok Wah

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