Overstock Platform for Home Improvement


Good day thrill seekers,

This is Captain Pennie. I am the founder and CEO of HOMA Sdn Bhd.

This flight codenamed HOMA is Malaysia's first overstock platform for Home Improvement. HOMA is deploying an ecosystem for the home improvement sector via b2b (business to business) and b2c (business to customer) model. Impressively, in a span 24 months, HOMA :-

  • successfully gain more than 3500 transactions 
  • our revenue to millions of ringgits
  • we are looking at profit breakeven by December 2019
  • HOMA is currently operating 3 outlets within Klang Valley
  • 11 dedicated full-time crew

HOMA is now seeking for a new flight destination hence to raise seed funding for our Expansion Plan. We are currently on the pre-live status with pitchIN (pitchin.my) and will go live once we reach a minimum of RM300k; we have received the amount of RM60k pledge till date.

We have decided to go with crowdfunding platform on our Seed Funding journey because we believe HOMA needs industry players, strategic partners and potential investors to work hand in hand to form the ecosystem and grow together.

We aim to be Houzz (www.houzz.com) in the Asia Region. If you think that being on this jet-set flight with us is exciting, do book a ticket with us. Please fill in the following if you are interested to know more about the investment opportunity and be part of HOMA family. We promise that this will be an action-packed adventure.

Hope to see you soon. Captain Pennie signing out.


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Write up in JCI CYEA Magazine

1 day ago by Pennie Lim


5% more. ONLY for the next 10 days before we go live!

5 days ago by Pennie Lim

Ladies and gentlemen, Greeting!

This is Captain Pennie. As we speak, HOMA2u is picking up heights to about RM150k above sea level (pledge) by now.

My crew and I had a cockpit discussion and I decided to pick up speed to our destination by 21st Sept 2019. Therefore, I am adding a 5% incentive on all the fuel you have invested or decided to invest. It also meant that you early birds will be 5% ahead of others when we go live on 21st Sept 2019.

Passengers (Investors), please pump in your fuel (investment amount) before 21st September via the link below:- https://www.equity.pitchin.my/businesses/homa-sdn-bhd

Our fuel tank is at 50% (RM150k) now and we shall speed forward when we reached 100% or RM300k. Every each of your support is a big deal for us!

This is your Captain Pennie signing off.




5 days ago by Pennie Lim

Good Day Ladies and Gentlement,

HOMA SDN BHD and Founder Pennie has once again proven to be judges' choice for Top 10 Entrepreneur in the JCI CYEA XIII that was held in Premier Hotel, Klang, Selangor on the 8th Sept 2019. 

There are a total of 98 companies participated. This is a money can't buy award and we are honor to share this happy news with everyone from the pitchin platform. Thank you and may we all scale to greater heights together.

Captain Pennie signing off!



Private Investment Preview : 16th August 2019

about 1 month ago by Pennie Lim

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