An O2O (Online & Offline) business platform for individuals and small businesses




High Street is an online to offline platform or better known as O2O. We operate both and offline and online model which provides for a better exposure and business readiness for merchants who sign up as our member. 

As the current purchasing habits continue to evolve into digitalization many business owners and retail merchants who do not know how to adapt are facing declining revenue and have no choice but to cease operation to cut their losses. 

High Street @ The Strand, Kota Damansara will be poised to become a new retail enviroment that combines the best of both worlds. Both online and offline. We are creating a new shopping and hang out experience with High Street by creating a hub which not only promote local merchants but also as a place maker where friends and family alike can come together; hangout over live performances, family fun activities and more.

It is a place made for the community by the community. We are innovating the way traditional business is being run and providing easy access to digitalization without the headache and mess that comes with it.  


Many retail business owners are now struggling to get sales and customers as they’re competing with many online sales platforms that is providing convenience and variety to consumers. Hence why we at High Street has came out with our O2O platform which will be located at The Strand, Kota Damansara.

Our platform offers a dual model which is both Online and Offline, as we see this as the future of retail and online shopping experience. Our goal is to help as many businesses and individuals looking to maintain and start a business to be able to do so with ease. We know the pains that are being faced by many business owners and hence we’re creating a platform to ease their day to day and solve their problems such as:-

  • High cost of rental and maintaining a retail shop
  • Lack of knowledge in selling online; as it can be very tedious and confusing for most retail business owners to start selling online with little to no knowledge on how to do so.
  • Lack of retail customers as many customers now shop online
  • The lack of marketing support being offered to small retailers and businesses as they do not have the capacity or budget to spend on marketing

High Street O2O platform which combines offline and online is our answer to struggling retailers and individual looking to kick start their business venture. Our offline retail venue is a retail location which will be located at The Strand, Kota Damansara. We offer an affordable and inexpensive way for merchants to start their business and generate profit at an affordable cost. Merchants and vendors who are looking to expand their market reach can leverage on High Street platform to garner new customers.

All High Street merchants will be listed on our Online marketplace, this provides a great opportunity for them to generate income through online sales without being tech savvy. Our team will assist in handling all the nitty gritty aspect of online sales and delivery and our merchants just needs to ensure they have stock on hand for customers.

It’s a new revolution of retail and we’re innovating the way merchants are selling and how consumers are purchasing.

  1. Prime Physical Location
    Located at the heart of Kota Damansara business centre, High Street is location is easy to access with ample parking space located at The Strand Shopping Centre.
  2. Affordable Business Setup
    Our affordable membership/rental package is a way for us to help businesses by providing them with a low setup cost for them to start selling with us at High Street.
  3. Weekly Crowd Attraction
    Every week, High Street conducts a mini event which generates traffic to the venue via our weekly live performances and activities. Customers not only come to shop but also to have fun and meaningful gatherings.
  4. Easy Marketing Access
    High Street team of marketing experts market not only the venue but also your business. We assist our merchants by promoting them both online and offline through our marketing partners. Be seen and heard from by millions of eyeballs both online and offline.
  5. Online Sales Listing
    All our merchants are automatically listed on our online marketplace. Here High Street promotes and sells all our merchants’ products online. Merchants don’t have to worry about a thing as High Street handles all the online order, catalog setup, and delivery.

Expand your sale potential with High Street O2O (Online and Offline) platform. All merchants which registers with High Street will automatically be listed on High-Streetz.com which is an online marketplace where customers can shop online with ease. They also will have a retail booth located at The Strand as their offline physical retail location.

Helping merchants to digitize their business and increase profit potential is one of the main goal of High Street as we’re adamant in supporting local merchants to succeed in the ever evolving seller’s eco-system. Just selling through retail is no longer enough in this changing times and this is where merchants who sign up with us will have an added advantage where we’re assisting them in digitizing their storefront. 

A majority of sales now comes from online sales, and many merchants find it overwhelming but with High Street it doesn’t have to be.


We’ve received quite a good traction from small business owners who are looking to start their journey with us. These small business owners are also the ones hit hardest during this Covid-19 pandemic, where they see a huge decline in their retail business. As such, we’re confident that with our help and the help of the crowd; we can make High Street to be a force to be reckon with.

By providing an affordable avenue for new and small business owners to survive and grow during this trying time.


Our Customers are categorized in 2 categories which are:-

  1. B2B
    Individuals looking to start a business and business owners who are struggling and looking to shift their business to a more affordable venue and platform.
  2. B2C
    Customers who are looking for a new shopping and retail experience. Looking for a location where they can shop and dine both online and offline and at the same time supporting local small business and community.
Business Model

We forsee the O2O business to be a lucrative market for us as not only does it help small and struggling businesses; but it also presents us with a variety of growth potential and partnership with many venue and brand owners.

Business Model


We see tremendous growth in our market potential as more and more businesses are trying to scale down their retail operations and finding for solution in order to digitalize their business while still maintaining an offline retail venue for their customers.

Consumer spending is still growing strong and this can be seen clearly in the numbers of online sales figures.

  • Malaysia’s online retail sales surged 28.9 per cent in April 2020, although the total sales value of wholesale and retail trade dropped 36.6 per cent as compared with the same month a year earlier. (Source: The Star Business)
  • Revenue in the eCommerce market is projected to reach US$4,455m in 2020. (Source: Statista, Malaysia E-Commerce Report)
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 16.0%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$8,068m by 2024. (Source: Statista, Malaysia E-Commerce Report)

We believe that at the moment there is no direct competition to be had with any players in Malaysia. We currently hold a strong first-mover advantage; where we have prepared and partnered ourselves with several brands and organization in order to better position the company in order to be able to scale faster and more efficient. 


We will be fundraising through PitchIn ECF fundraising platform to raise funds for High Street. The fund’s raise will primarily be utilized for our venue setup & marketing and online marketplace setup. As we will be scaling the business further to also expand to a total of 12 venue’s location and having up to 1,200 merchants on our O2O platform by 2025 or earlier.

Our fundraising goal for this campaign will be set at MYR 500,000 - MYR 2,000,000 in exchange for up to 15% equity. We will be providing an ROI for investors via a yearly dividend payout of 20% based on our yearly net profit for a duration of 5 years.

The fund allocation will be utilized in the manner below:


High Street main goal is to assist new and struggling merchants who are hit hard due to the events of the Covid-19 pandemic to allow them to be able to get back on their feet. We’re here to assist businesses to grow and prosper with support from us and our partners.

We're also looking in becoming one of the largest O2O platform in Malaysia with 12 location through Malaysia and 1,200 merchants by 2025.

Team & Advisors

High Street is managed and advised by 4 key team members which has a diversed background in business and corporate industry. Ranging their experience in events, advertising, business development, and more.


Puan Hajah Noraishah is a graduate from International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM), and an Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya. She commenced her own legal firm legal, ventured into conveyancing and project-based works which became her niche areas. She also heads Ambar Travels which is a travel and tours agency and Arrayyan Management which focuses on creation of placemakers through events and long term management of assets.


Naquib has been in the event and media production industry for more than 15 years with multiple experience in production and events. He has coordinated Bazaar Online back in 2013; managed festival usahawan merdeka in 2014, fiesta muslimah berita harian and many more. He has also produced multiple film and drama such as Anak Halal, Papadom, Ponti vs omi, Abg long vs kak yong, Kebaya kasut kanvas. His experience and connection with local talents help Arrayyan to achieve great heights in marketing projects through media.


Gib experiences stems from the fashion, modelling and photographing industry; where he has colloborated and created multiple fashion and talent brands together with local designers. He also founded fashion talent; which is a fashion and talent organization which trains, manages and create fashion brands. Through his vast connection with local artist and fashionistas, he is growing the local fashion scene. He is part of Arrayyan Management marketing team and advisor and ensures that our projects receive a multitude of exposure from every media outlet available.


Firdaus started his career through event and advertising where he manages and executes brand activation and events for clients such as Sony Malaysia, Moët Hennessy DiageoM and many more . He is currently the head of business development at Arrayyan Management where he develops and plans projects and execution for their clients. One of his achievement is also in heading Fit Tix (M) Sdn Bhd which is a drone entertainment company where through the drone entertainment arm he has introduced the sport of drone racing to Malaysia via multiple partnerships with South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.



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