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HBG Fluxr Digital Sdn Bhd was established in November 2016 with core business in designing & developing a digital single sign-on rapid global enabler e-commerce supply chain to support Micro’s and SME’s to go global. In other words, the e-commerce supply chain platform act as a facilitation system and mechanism to ensure that the Micro’s and SME’s get the best technology facilitation to enable their business globally.

Our business is to transform the hard supply chain into a digital supply chain, intuglo.com and ensure that businesses, especially the SME’s & and E-commerce players stays efficient from now and into the future of the borderless trading world.


To see that Micro’s and SME’s business infuse with ecosystem to gain exponential growth globally as to having the same inertia and synergistic values as the big players in the market.


To continuously design and develop strategic digital solution that can enable Micro’s and SME’s business to grow rapidly through facilitation and system synergy within the global market ecosystem.


  • Develop a Culture of “Quality First”
  • Drive in Collaboration to Drive Out Resource Wastage
  • Focus on Building Stakeholder’s Values
  • Drive Community Benefit

About Intuglo

Intuglo.com is a trade enable platform that enables you to rapidly bring Micros and SMEs business global. We build the platform with 8 modular integrated web application on cloud so that you can customized your own market access and business solutions be it penetrating new market or serving existing market. The platform serves as a tool that forge all your trade needs such as shipping, warehousing, online exhibitions, e-procurement, managing your production facilities, engaging the correct QC, validating your products and finally putting all of these under a project management tool to fully engage your business with the market as well as the ecosystem, seamlessly. All the application are design on a sharing economy or collaborative consumption model, just like AirBnB or Grab.

We want to change SMEs cross border experience with Intuglo.

The platform plays similar role as supply chain management but with a little bit more edge elevating your brand management. Fully understanding the need for SME's and Micro businesses to adopt an affordable technology in scaling up their business, we have design the "Pay-per-Use" pricing model to suit your business needs. YOU ONLY PAY WHAT YOU USE AND WHEN YOU USE IT. It is FREE to sign-up. 

The uniqueness of the platform as a solution is that it separates Halal Trade with Non-Halal Trade from start to end. With a new emerging needs for Halal Trade, intuglo.com applications has system build-in ability to fully segregate your halal products along the entire supply chain with Non-Halal products, without dropping the seamless integrative ability. Intuglo is ready to support Malaysia to be the largest Halal Trade gateway for ASEAN by 2020.

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