“FACILITATE SMEs INTO A DIGITAL GLOBAL TRADE with 4.0 technology - leverage seamlessly




What is the biggest lesson we learn about global supply chain efficiency in recent covid 19 pandemic? LACK OF A RBOUST DIGITAL SUPPLY CHAIN!!

Imagine should all SMEs in the world had a chance to be on board a global digital supply chain before the pandemic hit, the world supply would be different.. cost especially. I am not talking about sanitising nor lineups at ports, space utilisations, custom clearance preparation by digital, managing safety staying home but more about operating just as efficient in getting all these done with effective cost measures. This is what digitising means to us.

We carry the biggest Mission now.

Every SME’s is to “own” a 4.0 digital global supply chain system for….. FREE

HBG Fluxr Digital Sdn Bhd was established in November 2016 with core business in designing & developing a digital single sign-on seamless global enabler e-commerce supply chain, INTUGLO.COM  to support Micro’s and SME’s penetrate into world market efficiently with best enabling technology.

At Intuglo, we strive to cater innovative technology solutions for micro businesses and SMEs. We understand the challenges faced by business owners in strategising and planning in the absence of a robust supply chain.on going global faster and more cost- effective.

Transforming Cross Border Trade  by Transforming Global Supply  Chain

Our biggest role is to transform the hard supply chain process into a seamless automated digital supply chain with cost saving measure. The key to this transformation is LEVERAGING & SHARING.

SMEs need to work together to gain exponential growth in this rapid changing global environment challenged by regulatory compliances requirement. Therefore, collaborative market access solutions becomes a key that can brings success and sustainability.

Right Strategies
Right Time

Statistics shows that SMEs are a strong pool of business in the World. In total, they have strong adoption of technology especially in business operations thus operations support technology should not be lacking behind. It should be considered as next generation technology to push their business to the next level especially now with e-commerce platform helping their business grow exponentially to a global arena. Therefore how  SMEs manage their first mile supply chain in meeting the demand of the market and last mile supply chain is important. On top of this, managing sales channels as well as capturing new opportunities during exhibitions calls for supply chain management system to be readily available.

Right People

In the process of building Intuglo.com, we have brought in great partners that will support the system in many ways. (Great Partners Logos with respective services)

Right Technology

LEVERAGING Mechanics allow us to be low cost model while Sharing mechanics allow SMEs to buy at low price. Real-time synchronising of information for an E-Commerce Supply Chain is our technology advantage compared to others. There is NONE in the market currently that uses this technological edge.


Traditional Supply Chain is moving away to be replaced with “delivery focus” supply chain.

Disadvantage of this - SME production management has no connection between first mile and last mile supply chain to fulfil the market demand. Basically, it is still a disintegrated model from SMEs core operations. Information management from end to end is lost in within focus on delivering fastest to consumer!

Managing suppliers, retail stocks movement and flow of information upstream and downstream is no longer the focus on supply chain system. With larger SMEs focus on using third party warehouse, ERPs no longer is feasible to manage inventory feasibly unless integration is possible, JIT management is broken right in the middle.


E-Commerce Global Supply Chain Platform

Intuglo is a single platform that directly connects SMEs  to supply chain partners. This gives SME the edge in acquiring services as and when needed, be it at office, or busy at exhibitions or even on holiday. Prices of shipping or warehouse cost is easily acquired 24/7.

Intuglo works differently. Intuglo works with all parts of the supply chain seamlessly. We have the ability to fuse, defuse, integrate or disintegrate cohesively with any parts of the supply chain system, be it last mile, or sub-system of a supply chain, front end e-commerce platform or back end operation system such as Shipping Liner system, ERP, WMS , etc or even retail chain system POS. All information synchronising is obtain real-time and on-time to ensure that information are automated and seam across end to end to meet Just In Time (JIT) operations / production management needs. Intuglo is design to hook up all business blocks from design (using project management solution) to market (finish with market validation solution) to provide data analytics on product performance.


intuglo.com is a digital supply chain management platform that globally connect SMEs to clients and supply chain services. We provide SMEs with 360O global connectivity to ease cross border transition seamlessly to move the physical supply chain fulfilment of products and cargo.


Our first 2 years sales brings in RM256,666.40 with Jooblii Commerce, in digital marketing as well as retaining our services for logistics and warehouse for their 1000 e-commerce players fulfilment.


Since Jooblii, we have moved on to target larger groups of SMEs. Currently we are working very hard to close off with freight forwarders to on board them as sellers by contract (please see go to market strategies) as part of our on-boarding program. We have also engage with MDEC to on-board their 130,000 E-Commerce merchants registered on the E-Commerce program. These are the 2 current on-boarding programs that we are running to increase tractions.


Business Model

Sign-up to Intuglo is FREE. We charge based on the support that we give to the buyers and sellers. All solutions on Intuglo are flexible charges. Pay only when you use it!

On top of this, most seller services on Intuglo are cost saving. Most seller prices are leveraged



We drafted our market potential estimation from 132 countries import/export trade size. We found that there are close to 125 million formal sector MSME in the world. Based on government report statistics, a total of 10.66 million MSME are importing/exporting SMEs.

In the next 3 years, we estimate that we can reach a total of 6 million global users from MSME B2B or E-Commerce for both Halal & Non-Halal Trade and we can sign up a total user base on 2.4 million traders.

Go to Market Strategies
We plan to venture overseas in the next 3 years, targeting to build regional offices in China, UAE and USA to increase our global reach efficiency. In all, we have planned 14 go to market strategies to build strong tie in amongst buyers, providers and other ecosystem players globally to support sales.



intuglo.com has significant edge over competitor in areas of technology, expertise, cost and pricing. These four areas are critical key to strengthen the foundation of a business. The edge we look forward to put intuglo.com as a forerunner to strategically fit the platform as a first mover in the market. On the other hand, we hold patent pending rights to new technological edge to be a significant competitor.


We strongly feel that our biggest potential for intuglo.com  is not about how much we can facilitate trade but the innovative change and seamless approach that we bring to enhance SMEs trade capabilities to go global.


intuglo.com is looking to raise minimum of RM500,000 to maximum of RM2 million this round for pre-money valuation of RM56.35 million based on projects and patent in hand.


Fund will be used to in five areas of building and sustaining market reach.


To see that MIcro’s and SME’s business through a single sign-on platform, infuse with ecosystem rapidly to gain exponential growth globally as to having the same inertia and synergistic values as the big players in the market.

To continuously design & develop strategic digital solutions that can enable Micro’s and SME’s business to grow rapidly through facilitation and system synergy within the global market ecosystem.



Mr. Chong Kek Lin invested RM25,000 between 2016 to 2018 for 25,000 units of shares. Today his shares in the company is 44,766 units valued at RM2.81 million based on pre-money valuation. Investment value increased by 112.7 times.


The founder and co-founder both have 18 years of experience in SME growth and IT respectively. Our vision is to see SMEs capture global market at ease. Both understand that SMEs are tremendously large pool of businesses that is under deprive of a robust supply chain to grow global.

(DIAGRAM of founder and team)


We have a strong team that supports the business. Our team are align to bring change to the SMEs businesses.


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