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Hargatrade (formely known as grabgold) app works to engage gold trading, buy and sell jewelry with nearby buyer/seller. Gold and jewelry are legal item to trade but no courier service accept to deliver, so by using this apps seller and buyer can sell and buy gold/jewelry item with the nearest seller/buyer at their location to minimize the risk they lost the item if they illegally post the item by courier. User also can get best price offer by nearby user bid.

  • Firdaus Afnan
    Web Developer
  • Shahiruddin Zakaria
    Gold Smith
  • Tuan Yusri Yusof
    Freelance Apps Developer
  • Shahrul Zakaria
    Founder / Web Developer

Ready to run for web platform

over 3 years ago by Mohd Shahrul Zakaria

Currently our development just finished on offer counter function and there are a lot thing need to touch up on display, but the best is most 50% of our function already work and from there we already ready to run soon blog: grabgold.tumblr.com


Currently working on develop mobile apps for android, ios and web

over 3 years ago by Mohd Shahrul Zakaria

Gold and jewelry are legal item to buy or sell, but no courier service accept to deliver. At the mean time, many online seller (small industry player) use social media to sell and buy gold and illegally post the item using courier service and there are a lot of cases the item lost in delivery process which involve thousands ringgit loss Reference newspaper report: http://www.mstar.com.my/berita/berita-semasa/2016/04/18/rakyat-malaysia-tertipu-emas-dalam-talian/ Total loss in online jewelry trading ranking at first in Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna Malaysia (TTPM) list as mention in newspaper report above. As most buyer are looking for cheapest price of gold, scammer also looking an opportunity to divert and offer unaware user with hard to resist price of jewelry. With all reference above, we evaluate a great idea to develop an app call Grabgold, which connect seller and buyer at their area to trade face to face without courier and cash payment on delivery method. Buyer can touch, view and see the item first before make any payment, while we keep safety of the transaction by only allow verified seller and buyer to trade.

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