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HaloGas is a technology platform which directly connects LPG consumers with cooking gas delivery drivers without going through the tedious operating procedures of the companies which allows you to find the driver nearest to you in less than a minute with just a few taps.By using a smartphone based system, we will be able to add numerous value-added functionalities to our ordering and dispatch platform. Just imagine turn-by-turn navigation for our drivers on their smartphones. For our customers, imagine only ordering gas with a touch of their fingertips. By using HaloGas’s service, time spent waiting for your driver is reduced as the algorithm in choosing the best driver for you is always the closest interested driver. HaloGas also provides you transparency in information of your order such as driver’s name, plate number , phone number, and the exact fare you will be paying to avoid getting scammed which is very popular nowadays. You are also be able to track your driver while you are waiting for them.  HaloGas’s platform will be able to locate the nearest available LPG drivers for upon each booking request. A smartphone will replace the driver’s existing phone and as well as SMS bulk as their primary dispatch conduit. HaloGas is one of the fastest and easiest way to order home cooking gas. By using HaloGas, we are creating a more convenient way for the residential and commercials to order LPG gas in less than a minute anytime at anywhere with a touch of fingertips.

  • Sean Hoo
  • Jeson Lee Junzhen

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