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Company Background

Go-Live Century Sdn Bhd was established since 10th October 2016 by 2 co-founders who are Chun Kit Wong and Jason Ng Jei Shen (Profiles as following section). Go-Live is a mobile application which also the main product of the organization. As being a co-founder, our roles are to design the functionalities, algorithms, logics and fine tune the application in terms of security & usability throughout the last 2 years as well as business model, plan, strategies, marketing to ensure sustainability for short term and profitability for long term run. Currently, we have outsourced the development project to a professional application development team with 3 members who are expert and experienced in developing mobile application using programming language React Native.


Product Introduction

Go-Live is a social platform which allow users to create events (activities) at any time & locations which can be seen by other users who are nearby from the events and join on the spot. Events can be from different categories like sport, dating, entertainment, business, dining, etc. Imagine a football team which lack of 2 members in a casual gaming, an introvert who always have difficulty to make friend with stranger, an open party night to chill with new friends, Go-Live is what you need. Continuous enhancement will be done to this application to expand its potential and bring up a new trending to this era.


Purpose, Vision, Mission

Purpose – Redefine LIFE

Mission – Bring people closer & expand partner's businesses

Vision – Build socialized & harmony society


Unique selling points

Instead of knowing new friends and communicating behind the phone, Go-Live creates a platform to encourage people and probably strangers to meet up with each other to join activities and share the enjoyment together. As compared with the existing social application available in the market, our designs are more aligned towards to a more “social-oriented” culture and by executing our strategic and marketing plan can potentially creating a new trend on how people interact with each other.


Risk Management Mechanism

By considering an event created by Go-Live involved people who possess different types of personalities, background and purposes, risks are exposed to our users. Moreover, abusing the functionalities can cause bad user experience towards our product. Hence, safety and user experience are our highest priority. There are some design & logic implementation involved currently to avoid and minimize the impacts caused by the issues. We believe that we can add/enhance these logics further or even implementing Artificial Intelligence and recruit a support team in the near future.


Target Market

Go-Live will be made available to 2 mobile OS platforms which are Android and iOS. Age group of teenager and adult (age 16 to 40), any gender, and urban area from around the world will be targeted as the primary market. And yes! We are talking about international  and to target the world business.


Revenue Sources

Advertising will be the primary revenue source which to be divided into two and we named it as Ordinary Advertising Method (OAM) and Strategic Advertising Method (SAM). OAM is the advertising method used by Facebook and Instagram which to publish advertisement posts to user’s content by specifying age, gender, location, etc. while SAM will be another advertising method specifically cater for Go-Live and fully utilize its uniqueness to deliver advertisement message to target market in a tremendously efficient manner. We deeply believe that SAM has never been invented and practiced by any organization so far.

In-app purchase is another revenue source which allow user to use/unlock additional features when using Go-Live. Although Go-Live is a free application which the features will be sufficient for ordinary users, there are some additional features that we strategically designed to meant for certain users on their purposes.

Partnership will be another revenue source in the near future in which to partnership with the other entities, organizations, official events to achieve market expansions for businesses.


Future Features

There are some numbers of major functionalities, algorithms and logic which already designed and pending to be built in the near future. Each of it can bring better user experience, better source of revenue, building up a new trend and culture in social environment.


Business Expansion

In order to achieve the above points and to operate it even better, Go-Live Century Sdn Bhd will need to expand in the near future by establishing an office and recruit a development team, technical support, customer support, strategic management team, innovation team, marketing team, human resource, administrator, and accountants. The team size will be expanded as the business grows.



Name                                      : Chun Kit Wong

D.O.B                                      : 14th October 1992

Education Qualification           : (Bachelor Degree) Interactive Software Technology

                       (Master Degree) Master in Business Administration


Name                                      : Jason Ng Jei Shen

D.O.B                                      : 1st March 1991

Education Qualification           : (Bachelor Degree) Information System Engineering

                       (Master Degree) Master in Business Administration (In pursuit)

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