Intelligent Video Analytics



We have deployed technologies for facial & emotion recognition that identifies gender, age, emotion and attention. We use this technology for Out-of-Home(OOH) Advertisment and Retail Industry.


We have 3 Products:


1. Glueck Analytics & Media
i. The Facial Analysis Rule Engine detects gender, age, attention span & emotion in real-time
ii. Able to detect up to 7 different primary human emotions such as neutral, happy, sad, surprise, angry, disgust and fear.
iii. Rule based dashboard  for targeted advertisment based on audiences’ demographics in realtime i.e. Make-up advertisement for females. 

2. Glueck Customer Experience 
i.Monitors Retail Customers’ demographics and theirin store experience in real-time.
ii. Helps improve staff efficiency by monitoring: 
a. Customer interaction with Staff On-site
b. Average Queue Waiting Time 
c. Emotion Index at Point of Sale
d. Identifies “Hot” areas of store 
iii.  Integration with CRM to track repeat customers & boost sales with cross selling oppurtunities  based on customers’ preferences.

3. Glueck Traffic
i. Counts and classifies vehicles on the road by motorbikes, cars and buses/trucks.

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