Super Food for Super Babies


GASTRO BABY started off as an idea between a husband and wife to educate their community on healthy eating practices. They want to make food that provides the necessary nutrients a baby needs for their developmental years and throughout their toddlerhood. Their shared a vision to enrol a healthier lifestyle for themselves first, and decided that healthy eating habits need to be nurtured at an early age, starting with one baby at a time. Together with a team of professional chefs, GASTRO BABY uses only the freshest ingredients. They instills the most innovative cooking practices to ensure the nutrients, integrity and flavour of each product gets bottled in a jar and delivered to you, hassle free! The Chef behind GASTRO BABY has been in the F&B industry for 12 years. He was trained in a 3 Michellin star restaurant in the heart of New York City and graduated with Bachelor in Science of Culinary Arts & Food Service Management, Johnson & Wales, Providence. He's currently running his own restaurant in Subang Jaya, Fiqs Gastronomy. The Co-Founder behind GASTRO BABY is a self-proclaimed techie, who has experience in the e-commerce space for the last 5 years. She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Economics at the City University of New York. And now lends her creative juices as the Head of Marketing for GASTRO BABY. This husband and wife duo has made it their mission to provide the best nutritional meal plans for growing babies everywhere. So you as parents can focus on what matters most - your kids.
  • Syafiq Zane
    Founder & Chef

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