Connecting people with nature


Who we are
Fuze Ecoteer Outdoor Adventures was established in Malaysia in 2012 after co-founders Daniel and Pavin joined their two companies – Ecoteer and Fuze Outdoor Consultants.  FE is a social enterprise eco travel company registered with MOTAC that focuses on conservation projects in Malaysia. It connects people with nature through their voluntourism, schools and corporate volunteering programmes.  We are now the first entity in Malaysia to use the precious plastic machine.  www.preciousplastic.com

Financial track record





2017  - Audited accounts

Rm 1,450,000

Rm 47,576

Paid off start up debt

2018 – Forecasted

RM 1,800,000

Rm 10,000

Paid Rm 70k to previous investors

2019 – Projected

RM 2,000,000

Rm 150,000


What is being offered
11% APR, Min of Rm 10,000 investment
Min of 2 year investment
Target of Rm 150,000. Currently achieved Rm 30,000 – as of 1st October 2018

Why Invest
FE is an established social enterprise with 80% returning customers (school and corporate groups).   Additionally FE has gone into partnership with World Challenge (World’s largest school trip organisation) to increase groups during the low season, making the business more secure.  Investing in FE will give you a NO risk return of 11% per annum. At the same time, you know you are helping conservation causes in Malaysia.  FE is now moving into Precious Plastic merchandise and will approach schools, corporates and vending machine companies to sell the merchandise as part of their CSR efforts.

How the investment will be used
In 2018, FE should have made a profit of Rm 80,000. However due to a previous investor pulling out ( and related expense claims) that profit was reduced significantly.  FE will use the investment for business expansion. First, it will promote the precious plastic merchandise at schools & corporates to be sold via vending machines whilst building PR for group trips.  Additionally the investment will be used to expand into a centrally located office to host workshops and to develop the FE agent network globally in order to increase our customer base of volunteers and groups.

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