Industry's most secure endpoint protection against Advanced Persistent Threats


Eraxen PLT is a cybersecurity startup company with a product called Eraxen Endpoint Protection, additionally we also provide services such as Malware Incident Response, Malware Audit, and Malware Analysis. Malware keep getting more sophisticated in the past few years. Traditional solution by using malware heuristic file based detection and behavior based recognition by using sandbox technology are fails to catch up and can be easily evaded. Our product will prevent all unknown programs and scripts from being executed in order protect the customer in advance made possible by application control service at endpoint. The unknown program and script files will be automatically evaluated by our cloud back-end system to identify and predict the next attacks analytically. By deploying our product, our customers able to create "walled-garden" IT environment for their organization and protecting them from sophisticated malware, even before the malware were created.

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