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Healtiyer Media, operated under Equitable Healthcare Technologies Sdn Bhd, is building a strategic market measurement & consumer insight firm with its own targeted advertising network commercializing brands to potential consumers. Healtiyer v1.0 is a medical information and health advice content portal that has curated over 6,000 evidence-based, medically reviewed articles for SEA readers.   

To our users, Healtiyer Media is a trustworthy medically-reviewed, evidence-backed operator of health and wellness portals. To our clients, Healtiyer operates a niche market advertising network with precision targeting health users with relevant products or services for their needs. 

In the coming months, Healtiyer v2.0 will expand into a more comprehensive market measurement and consumer insights where brands can effectively connect with their target consumer base.  


The problems with health media in SEA became extremely evident in 2020 with the reporting of COVID-19. Individuals were inundated with an overload of health information lacking context from a variety of sources, either inaccurate or not medically reviewed. 


Healtiyer creates native language, geographically relevant, engaging content medically reviewed by medical and wellness professionals. By allowing people to read content in their native language, readers are more likely to understand the nature of the content. More importantly, Healtiyer focuses on local health, medical and wellness topics relevant to the local demographic 


As a platform, Healtiyer brings thousands of medically-reviewed health, wellness, and medical information by various health professionals so users can find context-relevant health advice and medical information. In doing so, we are uniquely positioned as a platform where readers and brands can connect in a unified manner easily accessible and understandable to all readers.


User Trends

In 2017, the Ministry of Health, Malaysia found that more than 77% of Malaysians used the internet as a primary source for their health information for reasons such as finding ailments to their symptoms or looking for healthy tips for a better living. This demand has exponentially grown over COVID-19, and in its growth, creating a significant opportunity for independent, quality media sources.

Political, social, technological, and economic transformation are inexorably reshaping the communication and consumption of information, or disinformation, which is largely triggered by the increasing number of people who use the internet as their primary source of awareness for health information and medical advice.  The changing landscapes have also raised a plethora of questions about the integrity, quality, impact, and credibility of many of the leading content portals. The increasing number of readers using alternative media sites is increasing day by day. The key today, and would be moving forward, is independence, from governmental or corporate influence.

Brand Trends

With the number of users utilizing the web for their information, brands have quickly adopted newer digital advertising channels to connect and communicate with their consumer bases. In 2021, over 58% of advertising spend on digital, amounting to approximately USD$ 455 billion in 2021. With digital mediums, brands can leverage a more targeted, analytically-charged approach to advertising to achieve a better return on advertising spend than other mediums.


Healtiyer attracts our readers because we provide high-quality, medically-reviewed, independent, and relevant health information and medical advice in native languages. Our simplified reading experience enables the users to find a glossary of health information and symptom-based health content to identify their underlying questions. Using pixel-based tracking, we can track and predict users' interests and behaviors to ultimately personalize their reading experience based on their reading preferences. 


During our soft-launch period (i.e. Sept 2021 - Nov 2021), we managed to garner over 494,000 page views from 174,000 unique readers (i.e. 2.83 page reads per unique visitor). By November, we had a high of 40,000 daily visits (DVs) and an average of 8,000 DVs, with a majority of our readers coming from Malaysia (i.e. 83%+). 



With over 20,000,000+ million daily active internet users in Malaysia, our long-term aim is to capture 0.5% of the DAIUs in Malaysia (or 100,000 DAUs). Based on our current user-to-page reads ratio (i.e. 2.83), rounded up to the nearest whole number, we aim to garner, at scale, over 45 million page reads monthly or 540 million page reads annually. 


Based on our current operating markets, our addressable market is valued at approximately RM81,000,000 per year representing 0.5% of the total market. We aim to increase reader stickiness with the platform from 2.83-page reads per month to 15-page reads per month. 


Being primarily a health content delivery platform, Healtiyer is compared against other content portals in the market with a dedicated health and medical segment. These come in 3 main categories:

  1. General Digital Portals (i.e. theStar.com, FreeMalaysiaToday.com)
  2. Specialized Content Portals (i.e. Happy Hormone)
  3. Health Content Portals (i.e. CodeBlue, HelloDoktor)

Healtiyer operates in the health and medical content portal niche, whilst, commercializing brand offerings and delivering market measurement. Healtiyer’s competitive edge is the 360 offering that lets connects brands with consumers based on preferential and behavioral data. 


Being a digital content portal, our core revenue will be advertising in various mediums: content, video, display, and social media. In addition to our core revenue models, we shall commercialize aspect of our portal through peripheral revenue models in a manner that equips our readers with a better user journey whilst connecting with relevant brands to them.


We started Healtiyer with the idea of building a trustworthy, independent health exchange for users to engage with medical professionals to provide high-quality, accurate, relevant information in the proper context so that our readers can be better-educated readers regarding their health and wellness. Since launching, we've curated over 6,000 high-quality content and 600+ pillar content. 

We launched our [email protected] portal to enable professionals to submit their respective articles at their own pace and with ease, thus significantly increasing our qualified writer base whilst broadening our overall domain expertise. By the end of December 2021, we accumulated over 750,000 page reads from 300,000 readers (of which ~24% are returning readers). 


In 2021, we started our Ads By Healtiyer with very promising results for brands. We partnered with Supplimentary, a lifestyle and wellness marketplace. The results of the 45-day campaign were 41,413 unique visitors from a 35.80% click-through rate, ultimately achieving a conversion rate of approximately 0.67%. 


Healtiyer is led by a dynamic team capable of maximizing its revenues and value for our shareholders. Our leadership team comprises of highly-technical media, medical and corporate finance & technology domain experts with a variety of corporate and startup experience between the team aided by renowned advisors with over 30+ years in the healthcare sectors. 

John | Chief Executive Officer
An experienced operations executive and media planner with over 10 years of media and marketing experience and 7 years of operations experience. He graduated with his degree in Communications and Media Studies from Taylor’s University (University of South Australia). John was a media planner at Universal McCann and Ogilvy and was part of the team that won three consecutive ‘Agency of the Year’ awards at the Malaysian Media Awards for high billing portfolios. He specializes in business development, media planning, marketing strategies, and human resource management. His forte is in corporate sales, client acquisition strategies, business administration, and operations.

Dr Kirstine | Content Writer
Dr Kirstine is a UK-trained medical doctor. She received her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (First Class Honours with Distinction) from the University of Bristol, and went on to complete her Foundation Training in South West England. After spending over 5 years working as a medical doctor (with placements in General Surgery (Melb) and OBGYN (Sydney), she decided to pursue her interest in startup and health and wellness management with Healtiyer. She brings her years of clinical and academic experience to create accessible, relevant, and engaging content.

Philip | Managing Director
Philip is an entrepreneur and corporate financier with 10 years of working in government, NGOs, non-profits, and start-ups in the UK, Canada, and Malaysia. He graduated with a B.A. Political Science, Economics from Canada, and also has an Intl. Dip. in Business from England.  He specializes in market analysis and reporting, business development, data analysis, sales and marketing, and economic and corporate finance. His forte includes strategic thinking, business strategy development, budgeting, financial modeling and business modeling, and fundraising. He has a strong passion for technology, healthcare, government, energy, and education.


Healtiyer is deeply focused on generating profits and maximizing our shareholders' values. In saying as much, we aim to list Healtiyer on the SGX (Catalyst Market) or another recognized stock exchange in the future (based on our reader-based and revenue composition by geographic market). At a listing exit on a recognized stock exchange, we are targeting an RM500 million (or equivalent in another currency), the forward P/S multiple our company estimates will be 4 times (i.e. 4x) on our forecasted adjusted revenue (i.e. RM125m) based on market comparables. Based on the trailing P/S of the company, at the exit, the estimated TTM P/S multiple will be between 4 and 6 times, subject to the book-building process of a listing exercise.

Alternatively, we will merge with (or be acquired by -as a platform acquisition) another company seeking to leverage our market traction and content produced.


The company aims to raise, in its first round of equity investment, at a pre-money valuation of RM6.25 million. We aim to RM1,000,000 by issuing a minimum of 960 ordinary shares and a maximum of 3,200 ordinary shares (unless otherwise stipulated by the Board) equivalent to 13.79% of the total enlarged share capital. We anticipate, according to our budget, that the funding shall equip our growth for the next 12-18 months.

With the capital, amongst others:

  1. We plan to increase the number of writers and videographers to make more content in more formats. 
  2. To further improve the advertising technology on our platforms.
  3. To develop new markets with the current platforms and grow our affiliate advertising network (AAN).
  4. To increase the brand awareness of Healtiyer.com to our potential readers (e.g. social media).


Healtiyer anticipates that our average revenue per visit will grow relative to the growth in visits per month as the frequency of projects shall be completed at faster rates and at higher revenue per CPM. Furthermore, the more visit per month will see a corresponding growth in the composition of revenue earned via our current revenue models and projected revenue models.


We're raising up to RM1,000,000.00 (Ringgit Malaysia: One Million Only) via an issuance of 3,200 ordinary shares in the Company, equivalent to 13.79% of the total enlarged share capital, at a pre-money valuation of RM6,250,000. Based on media market comparables, we believe at exit, investors in our Company may earn up to 67x ROI on their investment. Our minimum fundraising amount is RM300,000.00 (Ringgit Malaysia: Three Hundred Thousand Only) for 960 ordinary shares in the Company, equivalent to 4.58% of the total enlarged share capital. 

Our minimum investment is one (1) block. Each block shall be RM2,500 and shall be equivalent to 8 ordinary shares. The price-per-share is RM312.50 


  • John Lim
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr Benjamin George
  • Benjamin Philip George
    Managing Director

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