Developing a Non-Invasive Screening Test for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma


Epitech is a private Healthcare Services company. We hold the worldwide, exclusive license to provide a screening test developed by Oxford Biodynamics Plc (OBD), a UK publicly listed biotech company spun out from the University of Oxford. OBD has a laboratory in Penang, as well as a headquarters in Oxford, UK. The screening test in question is a blood test that requires 5ml of peripheral blood. It tests for nasopharyngeal carcinoma, or NPC, the 4th most common cancer in Malaysian men, particularly prevalent in those of Chinese descent. The test works by picking out epigenetic biomarkers that signal the presence of NPC. Epigenetics is a cutting edge scientific advance, with the potential to revolutionize diagnostics. With the test in the final stage of development, and positive results expected, Epitech is looking to raise funds for business development capital in Malaysia and Singapore. The objective is to penetrate the major private healthcare centres, selling the test through laboratory distributors.

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